Loving signal that transcends time

Think of a person, family or friend, very important to you but who is no longer here…

Now imagine that at your next birthday you receive a message from that person, hand written long ago at the time he or she was still amongst us…

How would you feel?
Would you be pleasantly surprised?
Even emotionally touched?

Semaphore helps and accompanies you preparing the nicest surprise ever…

Make an exemple to you... Open up your message…

Your surname

Surname of the person writing to you


Semaphore offers you and your relatives the possibility of fantastic and great emotional moments.

Dare… Be present in their future.

Forward a letter, a recorded message, a video, an e-mail or flowers through semaphore.




Prepare in secret the incredible surprise to be forwarded in their future even if you are no longer here.

How does it work

Once prepared, sealed and stored, it will be delivered to the right person at the chosen date. Multiple deliveries can of course be planed and delivered at different dates to the same person, like flowers every year…

Semaphore will take great care of your letters, audio or video messages, e-mail and other accepted items or objects.

Semaphore will take all measures to locate the chosen persons and will deliver your items in due time.

Semaphore stores in secret your items up to maximum 10 years.

Our story

There is no coincidence… Semaphore’s founders got to know themselves in a plane, somewhere up in sky far above ground. Both love surprising each other and from experience, a surprise is a great atmosphere when you get it as well as when you prepare it. Semaphore has been created to allow you forwarding love and pleasure throughout time and even further.

Xavier’s story

His first daughter was 4 when he and his wife went apart. At that moment, facing an uncertain future, he felt the perfect time of saying how important his daughter was for him. In secret he wrote a letter to tell her his happiness being her father, saying how much significant she was and delightful pleasure to have her as his little princess. The letter was left aside to be delivered at her 20th birthday. It was his own way to fix an intense moment of love to be felt again many years later.

Isabelle’s story

All creations have a hidden story being the spark of the foundation. Semaphore comes from the substance of a moment in Isabelle’s life. Isabelle’s grandfather was an artist and from time to time he did some very nice paintings. One day, while she was still an innocent and pure child, she told her grandfather “When I will marry, will you be already dead?” The grandfather found that very funny and started, few days later, to draw a painting to be given, as a surprise, on her wedding day.

Many years later, how an emotional surprise it was when she received that famous painting on her wedding day whilst the grandfather was no longer present… What an incredible emotion, a sign of love throughout the time, an unforgettable moment, the sensation he will not have disappeared…

Isabelle and Xavier thought this could be the possibility for each and every one to experience this incredible emotional moment… Nowadays with Semapohre.

Your story

Grand-parents, leave a trace of your love for your grandchildren for a special birthday.

As parents, we want to give our best for our children. It is also by writing the essence of a particular moment and to let it travel hidden to the future till it can be lived one more time with or without you.

You’re feeling the end coming soon… think about all these who love you, you love them… leave a message for them for a future incredible surprise.

Friends also have a very important place in our lives. Writing messages to them to say how important they are in your eyes would probably be the most magic moment in a friendship story.


Basic Rate

Fixed administrative costs per contract

CHF 50.-*

42 Euro*

Message Kit

Special long-lasting paper and envelope, wax to seal

CHF 25.-*

21 Euro*

Storage and delivery

Secured storage of your surprise and finding the recipient person in time.

CHF 4.-per month*

3.40 Euro*

Flowers: The flowers bouquets will be added to the contract value.

For all special demands, please contact us.

*Prices excl. VAT payable in 1 time

You think about someone you care in the bottom of your heart?

Don’t hesitate, come to Semaphore.

If you like the human contact, if you have that special sensibility, if your empathy is connected with a great sense of humour and happiness, come and join us in this human adventure and this social link. You could have an exclusive licence of Semaphore for your entire region. Valid in Switzerland and in any other country. Call us now for more details.

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