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Simple fix to (hopefully) limit RMT

My suggestion to slow down RMT would be to implement a spending limit on the flea market. For example, each player can BUY up to 10 million rubles worth of items from the flea per day, to increase this number there should be specific quests and/or by increasing your flea market reputation.
Cheaters spend a minimum of $35 on a standard edition account and roughly $100-150 a month on cheats. Most accounts that they buy last 48-60 hours. The lowest price for rubles I could find on RMT sites are $1.6 per million. If cheaters are limited to 10 million rubles per day, they would be able to spend 20-25 million per account which would give them $40 per account. This would no longer be profitable for them, unless they increase their prices, Which would lower the demand, and ultimately lower the amount of cheaters (in theory).
Disclaimer, Cheaters may be able to get cheaper accounts, cheaper cheats and may be able to cheat for longer than 60 hours. This is a rough estimation based on people I've spoken to and while browsing various cheating related forums and discord servers, take this with a grain of salt. Potential issues
1) Cheaters would barter, for example Graphics cards and because one graphics card has an estimated price on the flea market of 46,000 rubles, they would be able to trade up to 220 graphics cards a day. Solution, fix the estimated price of barters on the flea market by making the estimated price the average price of all items sold in the last 24 hours.
2) Some legitimate players do spend more than 10 million rubles a day Solution, be able to increase the 10 million limit by doing quests, increasing flea market trading rep, as well as phone verification.
Re-uploaded because I forgot to add a flair
EDIT: Many people pointed out the fact the some items are worth over 10 million and would be impossible to buy. My solution: make an exemption for items with a 24 hour average sell price of over 10 million, such as red key card, thicc items case, red rebel, t-7, etc.
People also pointed out that cheaters move money in raid. My solution: Limit the amount of Bitcoin and gp coins you can bring into raid to 0. Limit the amount of LEDXs you can bring into raid to 0. Allow only one of each key to be able to bring into raid, however if you were to find more than one in raid, you can extract with it.
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After 1.5 wipes, I finally broke 50% SR + Tips for newer players from an FPS noob

I am so stoked about this finally happening! My gaming background is overwhelmingly WoW, RTS, and single player puzzle/questing games (Skyrim, Zelda). My buddies got me into FPS games with COD almost ten years ago, but it was never my thing. My reflexes are inconsistent, my eyes have trouble with making sense of constant movement and noticing tiny pixel details instantly, and I'm generally slowing down a little over time...but fucking Tarkov. TARKOV!
This is the first FPS that ever made sense to me. It's not purely reflexes, run and gun, spawn die, K/D circle jerking. It's okay to literally just hide until enough information is gathered to counter attack. It's okay to hide in a bush for 20 minutes while Omega Chad 9000 runs around trying to find you after massacring 3/4 of the team, wait for him to loot, then pop the squash. It's okay to retreat and wait for a better fight. Every other FPS game I've played has basically punished intelligent fight tactics and patience, which is totally against how I think and mentally approach that sort of situation.
After trying all sorts of styles, I finally found what works for me - I aim for a perfect balance of Rat/Chad. I will NEVER take a fight if I can avoid it, but if the firing starts, I instantly suppressive fire and don't worry if I live or die. This has saved my ass countless times since I started doing it. I used to try to turn and run, then die with my back turned most of the time. Most people will panic if their ambush target suddenly unloads a hailstorm of BT ammo at them, and at that point they usually are on the back foot, which is when Chad time happens. Dump grenades, flank with cover, score the kill. If I have the advantage, I hold my fire until it's a clean shot, especially against squads. I've been able to wipe duos, trios, and even quads by picking them off one by one instead of trying to be a hero with my spray. Against a quad, when the first guy drops, the other three will usually run to where they think you are and start sweeping like they're juggernauts. Pick off another and I almost guarantee one of the remaining two will panic and start to run for cover, which makes them a free shot if you gave yourself good visibility. Last man standing will either rush you (again freebie if you hid or re-positioned well) or run like hell and try to camp the bodies. OUT WAIT THEM. Do not get impatient, this will get you killed. Always let them make the first move so you have information advantage. I will likely not win the fight if they are well hidden and I'm making noise, unless they have bad ammo and are a bad shot.
Getting over gear fear was extremely critical as well to break 50% SR. If you're panicking at every engagement and thinking about losing your juice, you're probably going to lose your juice. Any stress or worry that isn't towards your immediate threat will make you play differently, and likely worse. I spent last wipe sitting on ~30mil roubles, and would panic over whether or not I was about to lose a ReapIR, instead of just taking the game fight and winning. This wipe, I decided it's all pixels and I want to play better. Fuck the Slick, fuck the EXFIL, it can all be replaced. Take the fight and win with knowledge. If you die, try again. Of course, having enough money to not care anymore is huge, so for anyone reading this that is going "well of course you stopped caring, you can run full kits and replace them 1000x, while I can barely get good ammo," find yourself a loot run that works. Making money is extremely easy if you put in the time.
I spent basically the first 3 weeks of this wipe 50/50 between questing and loot runs to Shoreline. I got extremely lucky and found an East 226 key, which gave me ~12 LEDX and easily over 20 GPUs in East 222. I used those funds to buy more keys/rush Bitcoin farm. Once you have a proper Bitcoin income, you can do literally whatever you want in this game with no real financial consequences.
SET. GOALS. Every raid I get into I have a plan. Sometimes it's hit up loot spots and avoid fights when possible. Other times it's quests. Change your plans on the fly and get weird with it. I have a rule that if I hear an M4 shooting, I have to kill that guy. I don't care what's in the way, I don't care how big the squad is, that son of a bitch is using my favorite gun without my permission and must be dealt with. The first week I started doing that, I took a fight on Interchange that I would NEVER take normally. Slick/EXFIL/full meta M4 absolutely massacring the server. I waited my turn and essentially herded the guy, slowly closing in on him, until I had him pinned. Then I rushed him with my RPK and somehow won the fight with 5 blacked limbs. This was probably my most ballsy play in Tarkov, and it happened because I set some idiotic and borderline suicidal rule for myself in every raid. Seriously, just set yourself any goal, no matter how little, big, or straight up insane, and try. You'll start playing differently to achieve that goal, doing everything you can to make it happen.
Also, just have fun. It's a damn video game after all. The most memorable raids I've had are when me and my buddies do ridiculous shit and die trying. Cowboy hats and ironsight Hunters into resort while pretending to be cowboys? Absolute blast, just try it and don't worry. Captain Price hats and 'staches into woods with no armor? Absurdly enjoyable.
Well lads, that's the ramblings of an FPS noob who is slowly getting better and better at a game I never suspected to continue playing past the first few hours. It's been an absolute roller coaster ride, but I've loved every second of random death, anxiety, and last stands. For any new players out there, feel free to ask me any questions about anything - money making, play style, builds, whatever you're curious about. For the vets, I look forward to trading shots with you! Hope to learn a thing or two from how effectively you gave me some aggressive body modifications.
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I'm playing this game since patch 0.2 (yeah, one decimal ) and the game came a very long way (Appreciation Thread)

Recently I'm playing at Star Citizen, it's the second game that I'm opting in at Alpha status (yeah, when I joined in 0.2, Game was Alpha, not for much tough) and considering they had the same length of development, and you can sorta say they are SORTA similar in scope, I have to say the devs in EFT put way more effort into bug squashing to make the game enjoyable for everybody at any point. And this is a post to Thank them and Nikita, but also to go a bit down memory lane and remember how the game was

I was there 2000 years ago, here are a few things that I remember made the game miserable, so you can put it in perspective for any means and purporses :D

-When you bought the game in Alpha, you had 50% to being selected to play, otherwise, you had to wait for the beta (I was lucky to get selected)
- Only 3 armors: Paca, 6B43 Zabralo-Sh 6A Armor, back then called Fort by everybody and the rarest Gzhel
- Basically 9 weapons: M4, Ak74 (and u variant), AKM, Kedr, MP5, Sv-98, Saiga, Mp 133 and 155, maybe AsVal but I don't remember and variant
and 4 Pistols Makarov, TT, Mp-443 and P226R
-Ammo? 1 or 2 types of ammo for weapon at best. Shotguns had bucketshots and slugs, that's it
-Blunt Damage inserted in, SLUGS were THE BEST ammo you could use, at any range.
-You were forced into door opening animation for all doors, even not locked ones
-Bug of doors opening without animation and suddenly, giving the opener a big advantage
- No Jager, No ragman, No Mechanic
-No FleaMarket (Fence was "the fleamarket")
-One NVG
-Only 3 rigs, Scav vest, AVS, Blackrock, the latter 2 basically being a commando Vest in dimensions, neither of them being armored
-No hideout
-Instaheals, spamming meds while in combat
-Insta bullet drill, basically you could go in raid with just a scav vest and 2 magazines
-Trash net code, like 2 seconds of advantage peak, trade killing was very often
-Desyinc, the game was BASICALLY unplayable at points, too many disconnections, too many servers going haywire (like 2 out of 3 games)
-Flying cheaters (YES, NOCLIP)
-Factory, Woods and Customs only maps
-Then came Shoreline, first new map, only half of it, the extract was at tunnel and the military bunker just before the sanitarium, people fought basically in the swamp and in town -NO SCAVS in the first Iteration (also happened for Interchange, no scavs)
-Scavs changing from: loot pignatas, to terminator, to loot pignatas a lot of times
-Scopes? you mean PSO
-most coveted item being: Physical bitcoin, and roler watch
-At around 0.5 you could stack armored rig on top of your armor, imagine a 6B43 with a TacTec on top, armor stacking :), and of course no weight limits
most recently: Head going through wall and noclipping the area around bug

If you too are a player of long date, you can expand this list if I missed something.

It's been a few years, and the game is greater than ever and is only going to get better, keep up the good work boys

EDIT by Community ;):
-Woods map was in at the time
-Everybody spawning at the same side of the map
-Quests had a time limit, and you could lose your progress (and items) in the quest
-Quest were very few, like 4 or 5
-No partial turnover of items, you need to give all the items togheter, unless they are separated. i.e: delivery 2 fort armor and 2 ghzel, you needed to have 2 fort armor in your inventory if you wanted to give them
-At one point, If you had a map equipped you could choose which side of the map to spawn
-If you had one black limb, touching barbed wire meant death
-Beign shoot at one blackd out limb would mean sure death
-Roubles used to stack at 50k, you had no money case and no doc case, the only way to store them was with wallets
-You could level up vendors by selling them rigs of backpacks full of stuff, skier was the most exploited since he doesn't buy guns, you can just put stuff inside you backpack and sell everything to him
-Similar to the precedent point, you could sell bag full of stuff when fleamarket was first introduced, a lot of scams and mistakes were made in that time
-(recent)You had to wait an entire 1 minute to revoke a flemarket posting, if you did a mistake it was basically gone
-(recent) you could sell your gamma container on fleamarket, after wipe people usually sold them
-Backpacks? T-Bag, DuffleBag, Scav Backpack, MBSS, Trizip and Pilgrim
-Customs had only one choke point, the wall at checkpoint that goes on until gas station and dormitory was the outermost part of the map, no derailed train, no power pole maintenance area
-Scavs position were much more predicable overall, you could always found them in specific places if you were the first to get there
-No scav bosses at all
-(Very Early) No Peacekeeper
-(Very Early) no group spawn
-(Very Early) sticky grenades
-(Very early) No time selection
-The only way to finish "what's on the flashdrive" quest, was with USB flashes spawning on the tent in woods
-Only one head hitbox, an helmet would cover the whole face
-There was a brief period where some helmets were completely broken (after face hitboxes), skull facemask
-(recent)No possibility to restore blacked out limbs, a black stomach would most likely mean death in a few minutes if you didn't bring any water in

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Don't be fooled by the Market Bot ''Mystery Guy''

The guy is literally using a dummy account that was created 3 months ago and that only ever participated in Tarkov subreddit. His first thread was a misleading thread where he's carefully manipulating you to believe that bots aren't an issue. His new thread from today is just because with the leak of the public bots, they're now in the public light and fear that BSG might do something drastic to end them. I'll post here some of the misconception he tried to implement today in his thread. :
TL:DR-The easier fix is changing how flea market works. Sure, magically getting rid of all bots will enable you to occasionally buy 10k cheaper labs keycards. But I guarantee that those 4.1 inch rail mounts will still be 20k because that's how human greed works.
TL:DR - But at least it would be bought and sold by thousands of players physically ingame instead of a dozens of botters who don't even play this game in reality.
You might laugh, but "computational thinking" is not acquired on a single day. Regular people have a hard time just creating a cat that moves left and right in Scratch
Regular people aren't the problem here though ; you pass a lot of time making that argument that it can be long and difficult to program a bot, but the fact is that the people who program bots move from game to game. They don't wake up one morning deciding to run some bots on a random game, it's a challenge for them. When a new mmo comes out, they test it, by creating cheats and selling them, creating powerleveling services, running bots on multiple games, ect. Some of them have years of practice with certain engines.
Let's do some math. 60~120mil profit a day.
I think that you vastly underestimate how you can make a profit with automatisation when you factor in the item flipping. You use the current Flea market prices in your examples while it's already over inflated due to bots. The real money comes immediatly after a wipe ; because they can then immediatly obtain a vast ammount of money in the first days and completely control the market with it's pyramidal structure. There's just no way for any player to catch up to any bot due to, you know, having to sleep and eat.
Also in your examples ; you use specific high frequence trade items, while the goal to real profit is to control as many items as you can, considering that this game contains hundreds of valuable items, which include quest items that can be sold. Again , some of them botters have 2+ years of practice (only in tarkov) by now and you mentioned how far we can get with item price records. With that alone it's very easy to know which items is profitable.
They probably easily make 30-40x that amount per day on multiple accounts to spread the wealth. You also misunderstand that there a ways in these games to ''Secure'' your gains. For example in a game like GTAV, people would buy pricey cars to store them and protect their money from being wiped ; they could then resell those car to get the money back. In Tarkov, It's already known that RMT'ers are using high priced items with fixed price like LEDX, Bitcoins and keycards to secure their gains.
100mil is valued at $66 right now.
That's actually very high considering that we're playing a BETA GAME, that late in the market which is already over-inflated and that a wipe was announced in 5 months. The real money is always after a wipe ; AND when the game will be officially released. That's the moment that these guys are practicing for, when the stakes will be real and that the economy will become permanent.
And like i said ; it's not like these guys just run some Tarkov bots and expect to live from that only. They are way more ressourcefull, they sell glitches, private cheats, money, on multiple games at the same time. That's how it becomes very, very profitable and moreover ; it's a passive income. You can have a job and run these as a sideline, while coding in your free time.
Also you're lying here since there are multiple sites, found one where it's 50$ (CAD) for 10million. price always varies from different providers and depending on the country money current going rate.
Conclusion : Unless you're just doing it for academic curiosity/entertainment, coding bots is a total waste of time.
Off course if you never programmed in your life and just expect to be able to google how to create a bot, you might have a reality check. Again you vastly underestimate the market for cheats and ''gold selling''. Or maybe you just know too much about it and want to keep your incomes.
Even without bots, any person/group with enough capital can control the flea market and exploit the economy in the current system.
But they can't do it all day long, all week long. They have to, you know, sleep and eat. One could also expect the players to play the game here and then and to not sit 24h on 24 on the market while not using any of the gear that they could afford.
Why did BSG help the bots by removing the 60 second timer? They did not help the bots; They attacked bots.
That's not what i heard personally. What i heard is that it started a new race between botters and that some of them were already way more advanced than others and were able to perform better than before.
Just like you said ; they never aim for 100% snipe, but when you reach 75% you're already swimming in serious bucks.
For me the only way to aleviate bots is to render them useless in-game directly. You limit the amount of transaction per account per hour, you add in-game buy orders and priorize them in the market.
Some market bots slightly flipping the market better than no-lifer players who actually play the market on the game client with mouse and keyboard is not their priority nor it should be.
It should be one of their top priority in a full loot mmorpg with tiered gear that can be bought and sold. When the economy gets broken, it breaks the game completely. Random people can obtain vast amount of money quickly by buying it then they can roll with the best kits for 50 lives in a row if they want. It completely breaks the gameplay and the purpose of the whole game.
It's been known that botters start public campaigns to divert the attention from them. I'd take a no lifer who actually play the game all day long over a ducking botter who don't even play and just ruin the whole game for thousands of players to gain personal wealth.
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Instead of focusing on symptoms (RMT and Cheating), changes should occur in the system.

Tl;dr The game has many mechanics that artificially slow down the overall progress and the only solution some people see is to buy things off Flea Market, which in turn gives more "power" to in-game currency and encourages RMT. The aim should be to smooth out (not SPEED UP but SMOOTH OUT) progression and remove any need for RMT - most likely by making roubles less useful. Redesigning the system will be more profitable time-wise than this infinite fight with RMT (which so far looks like it's never going to end with endless changes and new work-arounds). My suggestions are on the bottom of this post.
Foreword - Current fight with Cheaters and RMT is a game of whack-a-mole. It's never going to stop unless adequate changes to the economy are made. So far it looked like this: RMT-suppliers use high-value items to transfer money = nerf price of high-value items. Bitcoins to make money = nerf bitcoins value. RMT/Cheaters are looting whole maps = limit the loot you can carry.
I will repeat this line in the post a couple times but: While fighting RMT we shouldn't focus on making the economy slower - that's the main reason RMT exists at all. Cheaters/RMT exist because people want to buy Roubles. People want to buy Roubles because it's the only thing that makes them "competitive" without spending hundreds of hours in the game. Slowing the economy down helps RMT, who can find new ways to make money/transfer money endlessly (or until the game is unplayable).
I know that BSG is analyzing and thinking about solutions. Maybe my post helps someone, maybe not. Slowing down progress, limiting items players can loot and infinite bans are band-aid, harmful solutions which do not touch the core issue, but only harm normal players. Yes, it slows down RMT, but it also slows down everyone else, making RMT even more tempting. At this point I believe it would be probably easier to re-design the economy, Flea Market and Traders than to fight RMT endlessly with small changes.
The main reason people are using RMT is because they want to avoid progression. They want to avoid grinding... yet BSG makes the grind harder and harder.
Let's start from the beginning. In this post I'll only touch the systems of the game, omitting any other issues the game had or has. So far we had 3 different economy systems.
  1. Traders without Flea Market
  2. Traders with Flea Market
  3. Traders with FIR Flea Market.
Traders are based on progression and finishing tasks. They require time spent in-raid to unlock better things, while Flea Market only requires a set amount of time (level 10). From a gaming perspective, Traders are something we should encourage, while Flea Market is a "shortcut" to make everyone feel included - that is good for new players.
Now, to shorten it up a bit: RMT buyers want to play the game with cool guns, fight other players (usually win because of better gear) - they don't care about Loot because they just bought in-game currency, they don't need loot. RMT-suppliers mostly care about loot to make money, PVP is a side-effect. Survival players (the Rats) want to loot, do tasks, make money, fight from time to time. The competitive/PVP players (the Chads) want to progress (or do so anyway), get end-game gear, fight with other players and make money by looting end-game areas or geared players.
Economies 2) and mainly 3) ENCOURAGE RMT (high Flea Market prices = more roubles needed = buy more roubles from RMT), discourage Survival players (deaths are more costly and looting is less profitable) and discourage competitive players (again - deaths are more costly, PVP is not profitable at all).
Slowing down progress is only encouraging RMT more and more (because it's easier to spend some money than to play the game for tens of hours), while honest players get caught in the middle and punished in the process. I understand why BSG wants to slow down the economy and limit income. But by limiting ALL income, they also push more players into buying Roubles, who don't have enough time/skill to play.
The direction should be to make the roubles LESS valuable, while encouraging people to play the game, loot and make progress.
My suggestion is simple, combine "Trader-only" era, with current Flea Market era and address issues that were happening during "Trader-only" era:
1a) Add more barter-trades to Traders (available LL1). Ideally - the most common offers are changed once in a while to require different barter items (for example once every week) and only the most expensive items (like the RR or cases) have never-changing barters.
1b) Make the Flea Market, FIR, BARTER-ONLY.
Explanation: We want to make Roubles less valuable and encourage killing other players/looting. By changing the Flea Market to barter-only we remove the main reason behind RMT, while adding Auctions and bidding system (for example auctions last an hour) removes the instant gratisfaction, yet still gives players an opportunity to get required/missing items or keys.
2) Smooth out the progression by adding new in-between loyalty levels.
Explanation: This one is rather self-explanatory. We want players to get some early-game items sooner, and some end-game items later than it is now, especially with the suggestion 1) changes. Currently the maximum level is 70, yet when people hit level 40 they have access to 95% of gear in the game. The power-spikes between each Loyalty Level are huge and players unlock everything at the same time, making most items useless at that stage.
I propose 7 or 8 loyalty levels in total. For example Ragman could look like this (Suggested items are rouble-bought items. Each LL should have BARTERS for one LL higher items - exception LL7 and LL8):
LL1 - Level 1 - Basic equipment - sling, duffles, hats, PACA, bank robber
LL2 - Level 10 (57k experience total) - Steel helmet, 6B23-1, GSSH headset, bigger rigs (WTRig, etc)
LL3 - Level 15 (142k experience, 90k exp from previous LL) - current LL2 + all Class 3 armor
LL4 - Level 21 (340k experience, 198k exp from previous LL) - Class 4 helmets + some class 4 armor
LL5 - Level 28 (706k experience, 366k exp from previous LL) - Current LL3 + All class 4 armor
LL6 - Level 35 (1308k experiene, 602k exp from previous LL) - Minor Class 5 armor additions
LL7 - Level 43 (2420k experience, 1112k exp from previous LL) - Current LL4 + All Class 5 armor BARTERS
LL8? - Level 52 (4379k experience total, 1959k exp from previous LL) - Class 6 armohelmet BARTERS
As you can see, each Loyalty Level needs 2x as much exp as the previous one. Rep wise and money-wise we follow the same principle. Start with small, realistic numbers and go higher and higher, where the last LL should be close to maximum rep that can be gained (all tasks done).
The progression is also the same as it is now (current LL4 = my LL7), but it's much easier for players to get better items without Flea Market.
Keep in mind that my LLs are just a suggestion. They're up for debate and changes.
2a) - optional - Add more "You can purchase this item" rewards from quests.
Explanation: Currently most quests award roubles, ammo or guns, which are usually sold instantly (unless you need it for Gunsmith). We should encourage doing Tasks by making quests reward some nice items for Barter or purchase, that would not be available otherwise.
Pros of the suggestions:
- Progression is encouraged (most items are available from Traders)
- The power-spikes are not as big (you still have access to items 1 Loyalty higher, just via Barters).
- Roubles are useful only sometimes (bidding on Auctions, or buying gear from Traders).
- Players still can get most important items they want from Flea Market or Auctions (via Barter items).
- Not all players will use Flea Market, because it requires more effort.
- Current Flea Market barters are basically scam.
To sum it up - I understand that Nikita in his last podcast said that programming is not 1-click, and I understand my suggestion is a ton of work. I would just like to bring to light that no matter what BSG does with the current economy - it's pointless in the long run. It's wasted effort.
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By trying to fight RMT Tarkov is now inaccessible to the average gamer.

I love Tarkov,
I really love the gunplay the customization the loot / hideout aspect....... however here is the issues with it.
Found in raid:
Prior to 12.6 wipe, you could go in with a gun, grab a few shit items gamma them you could go in with a ADAR / SKS / MOSIN whatever just go in fight scavs PMC's whatever. Hell go do Labs get a few items, die or make it out.
You can have fun.
This patch, not so much. I just ran 5-6 runs with a Sherpa, we died horrifically. I went from 2.1 million roubles down to 1.7. We never engaged first. We took it slow, we went around the perimeter played it stealthy. Because we knew if we engaged with the weapons we brought if they had any armor or ammo it would be a lopsided fight. I went in with very weak gear but I also have now way to make that money back.
After the 6th death this was my exact words to my Sherpa as I had to call it a night: "I love hard games, I love games I can go in and die all night long as long as there is a sense of progression. However this entire night I have 600 exp, and none of the items I gamma'ed out can be used for quests. (I had 2 gas analyzers) Tarkov is not hard, Tarkov is inaccessible in a sense that you need level 40 ammo and armor to progress if you don't have that you need to kill scav's and exit camp or camp in general. There is no reward for going around looting because if you die those items are 100 percent useless for most quests and to you as they can't be sold. Which in turn forces you to maximize chances and minimize rate of success (Paca, penis helmet, SKS or Mosin) You can't get cheap guns anymore on the flea market, Ammo is 1400 a round and everyone has level 5+ armor at this point.
You need to camp at that point and the best way to do it is the exits on either customs or interchange.
Ammo & Armor
At this point in the game, only 3-4 weeks in, you need m995/BS/7n39 if you don't have high pen ammo you lose every fight you have. Most people have level 5-6 armor.
Today I played it slow, I had poor gear on and I engaged a player who had decent armor, I got 8 shots towards him I aimed for the head but the SKS iron sights are not the best. I hit him 4 times and he just turned to me, went prone and 2 tapped me. It happens. But this is every raid. It was only today I discovered the reason for this, high armor pen bullets are apparently hitting twice due to a bug.
regardless, right now the math to take in a AK with red dot and 3 30 round mags of BS is
So you're already at over 140-150k We are not accounting for sights, meds, armor, helmet, back pack, rig, ETC.
Now go into a raid and only be allowed to sell what you find if you extract out and it didn't get brought in by a PMC, with my 1 in 10 odds I better find a labs keycard / high value key every raid
Inaccessible game loop
If you're level 40, its much easier and cheaper because: You have passive income in your bitcoin farm + you can craft ammo end game stuff. A loss isnt much of a loss because you're always making passive money. I have to actively make money. You don't care about EXP because level 40 that's it you have all traders its just banging out quests.
This means you're more capable to run in with high tier gear and ammo, with just 25 GPU's you're making 2.7 million passive rubles a week. Add that onto any scav runs / successful runs and the game is a cake walk you could be a walking loot pinata and you wouldn't care. Because by the end of the weak you would be capable to do it all again. With a full allotment its 4.1 million a week passive. Sure fuel costs factor but nothing is out of your reach then.
If you're level 1 going in, right now, 3-4 weeks in, after the drops. Good luck, Not having access to the flea market, ammo that is useless, you will quickly be bankrupt and be forced to hatchet run, not once not twice, but like several runs to make a bank roll to fund your runs and boring scav runs where you don't engage you just wait out 10 minutes and run for extract.
If you noticed something in here...
Not once did I recommend engaging players, if you want to progress the best way to is not to engage, it is to fight the brain dead AI of the scavs, sit in bushes, and effectively play a boring version of Tarkov. The only time I would engage players is probably after level 20, that is when level 4 armor + decent ammo options are available from the traders and not from the flea market.
And players wonder why the Mosin is abused
If you want people to engage, you want players to get into epic gun battles that don't have a twitch channel they make a living on. Then do the following.
Get rid of trader level requirements for hideout advancement
That is it. 100% if you won't allow us to sell on the flea market, then allow me to use my cash to purchase the items I need to upgrade my hideout and become relevant.
  • It allows players to progress the game multiple ways, even if your survival rate is 1% You can still get bits and pieces out to use for your hide out. And work to completing it.
  • It forces players to go into maps and locate hideout items in turn creating interesting engagements
  • It gives someone a light at the end of the tunnel, every item you're one more step to being able to make passive currency.
  • Allow one ammo of each type be craft-able with decent pen ratings. I don't care if its the best, but if I can make my own ammo from items I loot that is relevant it will allow players to balance the economy.
  • You lose two things. Gear fear and RMT traders no point in buying cash if you can be self sufficient. Tarkov will then be challenging interesting and become the hardcore shooter you always want, if I go in and lose an m4 with 140k in ammo, I don't care because I can go in on a scav run clean up, and then disassemble what I find into stuff I can use going forward and create currency that allows me to play how I want and how you want us to play.
I am not going in with 1.5 million in gear each raid but losing a SKS / Mosin / Paca and penis helmet won't matter.
Regardless, the game is currently being changed and modded to limit player interaction as a direct result of RMT / hackers. They should be making the game less attractive to cheating and RMT trading however with the hyper inflated prices I see right now on the Flea Market it is just making RMT much more profitable and attractive and hindering legit players.
Tarkov isn't hard right now.
If you're level 40 its like shooting fish in a barrel. If you're under level 10 its a tedious grind that is gated behind RPG mechanics you can't play because you don't have access to the tools / gear to fight players.
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T H I C C Weapons Case (Barter Trade Mechanic LL4 )

TLDR; You can still Profit from the FiR status the T H I C C quest rewards have but Nikita wants players to keep their cases. They're not supposed to be a big financial boost, but a big boost for your stash management.
Suggestion : Remove FiR Status from T H I C C quest rewards.

Bitcoin prices dropped to ~115k Sell price ( Therapist ) and the Barter Trade for the T H I C C Weapons case remained the same ( 38 Bitcoins )
We all get 1 T H I C C Weapons case with FiR status for the quest "Perfect Mediator".
Prices for the Weapons case are ~6mil on the Flea, with 500k market fee's. So thats 5,5mil Profit for a sold case.

While the Trade wasn't really profitable when Bitcoins where 150k it sure is now
( ~ 38*150 = 5,7mil Roubles vs. ~ 38*115 = 4,37mil Roubles )

So if you buy a Case for 4,37 Mil and sell your "Perfect Mediator" case, you can Profit about 1 Mil R and keep your old case. You basically trade the FiR status from the case for 1 mil R with the help of Bitcoin.

Nikita said that they want the players to hold on to their T H I C C cases instead of selling them for big profits. (92% are selling their T H I C C Items case)
My suggestion is to remove FiR status for T H I C C quest rewards so players don't look for ways to profit from that.

They're obviously considering that change for the future, because after the T.-Items case got removed from Quest rewards the ones that where given out later didn't have FiR status ( https://www.reddit.com/EscapefromTarkov/comments/he66le/bsg_how_about_just_make_quest_rewards_not_found/ )
I only found this humble reddit thread with the same idea, underrated imho - https://www.reddit.com/EscapefromTarkov/comments/he66le/bsg_how_about_just_make_quest_rewards_not_found/

Thanks for reading, looking forward to listen to your opinion on this.
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How to start making money/profit easy if you are a newbie, and you are disoriented. (CUSTOMS) Plus: Budged Loadout that works well against any type of player/gear.

First of all, this guide is for starters, and is focused on the Marked Key room of the Dorms in Customs, where is the most valuable items in this map on most cases. Before this guide, you have to learn the map, the extracts, etc., but I will make a summary anyway.
The items that can drop in this place are, for example:
*Weapon Case
* Document Case
*Money Case
* Keytool, (this ones you can sell well, or you can keep it if needed)
* Weapons with value worth 50k-100k roubles (AS VAL, SA-58, TX-15, VSS, HK, M4, etc) * and ammo (sometimes m995, m61 and igonik that are quite expensive).
Ok, let's get started!
First, you must buy the Markey Key Room, for the Marked room in Customs on the flea market, it’s 70k-90k worth (sometimes), Check always that the key you'll buy IS 25/25 USES! Don't worry about the price, it’s cheap and it pay itself very fast.

Marked Room Key
Second point: Learn the map, very important info. Your spawn needs to be favorable to get to the dorms first, or at least second, if your spawn is far from dorms, you have to change your objective (hunt the scav boss, do quests, farm scavs/hidden stashes, join other pmc's fights), you can pass through the dorms anyway but it would be looted most of the time, you can get lucky tho, If you have a favorable spawn, stick to the objective, and don't lose time.
Customs Map with references.

Third point: Rush the 3 floors dorms (where the marked room is) and go straight to it. (Third floor, last dorm in the right with the marks and candles) Tip: When you reach to the door of the marked room, don't open it, go outside behind the marked room, and watch through the window (you can hold C and move the wheel of the mouse to stand or crouch slowly so you can watch clearly what's inside the room, sometimes stuff inside aren’t worth it, so you won’t spend your key in useless stuff). When you realize the loot inside is valuable, go and open it. If the loot is worthy, but not so much to get hyped, don't open the door and roam a bit. If you reach first, wait for other player to come, and ambush them, try to not make noise and hear (wear contacts if you can), with a good positioning and nice aim you can take down players easily. Always take care from the 2 story dorms because there, other players have a good sight of your building.

Marked Room from the 3rd story Dorms, in the third floor, last door right side. (with the marks and canddles)

Window behind the marked room where you can see the loot inside, before open it.
Fourth point: If you get some juicy loot from the marked, or also a player, you need to make your escape fast. A tip if you are been surrounded and get trapped in the marked room: you can rush to the roof and jump from there to a fence (so you don’t take great damage) and escape. I highly recommend to always take 7k roubles in your secure container to use the Dorm V-ex Extract if you are with some very valuable loot (weapon case for example) and you don't want to risk it. Sometimes this saves your life If you spawn in the side of the Crossroads extract (Because de ZB-1011 extract is so far), meanwhile, If you spawn to the other side, almost always the "Smuggler's Boat" Extract is up, and is really close to the Dorms, you can take that risk If you want.
Place when you can jump without taking much damage if you are surrounded in the third floor, in the 3 story dorms, Customs. Always fall in the fence.
DORMS V-EX - Extraction behind 3 story dorms that you can take if is up, you need 7000 roubles, and takes 1 min to extract (hide behind the red gate and get in the car when is 10 seconds left to not expose too much)

Dorms V-ex Extract second Pic. Get close to the car and press F to pay the extract, then wait.
Fifth point: Maybe you will fail the firsts attempts or get so lucky that no one rush the dorms and you get some really good loot. Expect the unexpected. This is random, but most important, do this a couple of times, and you will learn how to fight in the dorms. Learn the better spots, do quests meanwhile too, that’s not a waste of time at all. With time you will know If there's people inside of the dorms or not. Your hearing is your best friend (mainly if you are solo player, stealth is your advantage). Mark spots, play sneaky, play smart. Don't rush.
Important Info: Scav Boss usually spawns in the 3rd floor Dorms (where the marked room is) but not so often, and If you go straight to the third floor, isn't likely to be even a guard in that floor, but there's always a chance… If you want to ignore him, rush the third floor through the side stairs and take a look, you call if there's a guard or two (even the boss) and you want to fight him. Scav boss can spawn in the 2nd floor Dorms too, so take care giving your position through the windows in the 3rd floor Dorms because they shoot you at sight and have sick aim from long range.

Scav Boss Bodyguards (Scav boss gang) they protect the scav boss Reshala.
Reshala, the Scav Boss of Customs. Spawn: 3 story dorms, 2 story dorms, gas station. Always been guarded by he's bodyguards, good loot. (bitcoin, keycard, weapon, meds)


SSh-68 HELMET: best helmet quality=price, high ricochet chance, LVL3, can save you many times!

6B5-15 ZH-86 ULEY ARMORED RIG: This armor rig is one of the best quality price too, armor 4, and you can trade in ragman with some SOAP and TOILET PAPER. You can drop this and pick other's players armor, hide it if is insured and have decent durability.
6B5-16 ZH-86 ULEY ARMORED RIG: This armor is pretty decent too, is LVL 4, and repair better than the one before. Just need LVL 2 RAGMAN to buy it.

Any comtacts, audio is one of your best tools to fight, try to get this always, mostly when you are playing alone!

any kind of AK-74, caliber 5.45x39 (I prefer the AK-74N but there's little difference between they), take 3 or 4 magazines in total. If you survive, try to get some attachments (mostly muzzle recoil reductor, sight, grip), By preference and playing alone, I try to get a silencer as soon as possible.

7N39 IGOLNIK: if you get your hands in this, make sure to use this in a well geared pmc, this penetrate any kind of armor. but is quite expensive. Don't buy it if you are in a budget.
BS AMMO: Second Best ammo, a little bit weaker that Igolkin, but a little bit cheaper too. I highly recommend get at least 30 bullets for your first magazine. And use it wisely.
BT AMMO: When you are in a budget, this is your second best ammo, usually you will kill one or two with your first magazine with BS AMMO, but if you don't your second ammo need to have at least this ammo to finish the rest. Quite decent but hardly penetrate lvl 5-6 chest armor. With this ammo go for the Head or ambush players. Tip: You can get easily a lot of this in Reserve on the top of green boxes, they are in packages of ammo, do scav runs sometimes to exclusively refill your ammo stash, you can get BS too.
BP AMMO: The last decent ammo to kill players, but cheap. Use it to kill under lvl 4 armor players or scavs/ scav boss.
PS-PP AMMO: This two ammo I only recommend to use against scavs, almost no penetration up to armor lvl 2-3.
Other ammo below: NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL.

My loadout always is ONE MAG OF 30 bullets (or 60 mag if I can afford it to kill squads) of the best ammo (IGOLNIK IF I CAN GET IT, IF DON'T, BS!), then 2 mags of BT AMMO, then 1 mag of BP or PP, exclusively to kill scavs (They always scream at you behind walls so you can notice them, so they give you the chance to change your mag to the shitt*'s one.). And one cheap grenade (RGD-5) if you can afford it, this can save your life and take you out of hard situations sometimes. With this, you can kill one or two, or even three full geared guys with some patience, good spotting, and good aim.
The weapon and ammo is all preference, and looking for the best quality-price. You can use for Budget weapons like SKS, or VEPR HUNTER too, but they are single fire and struggles a bit to fight 2-3 man squads. Up to you guys :)

CAR MED KIT: 6000 roubles for a decent 220 heal/bandage. Good price=efficency.
Painkillers to keep fighting even with a black leg, or run to positionate better.

At least a Scav Backpack, or a Berkut. or similar space. This can carry two normal space weapons. Decent storage.
TIP WHEN LOOTING PLAYERS IN DORMS, OR SURROUNDINGS: When you kill a player, make sure it was alone, be patience, repositionate and take a good look to loot, then, If your items are insured, hide them in dorms nobody look (dorms opens with no loot that can be closed), the bathroom, big bushes, etc. And equip the enemy gear, with this, you don't care anymore if you die because your things are secured (just waste ammo and meds).

That's all guys! It's a solid playstyle, I use it and get me a lot of profit. I hope is useful for someone!

My discord for help, or more tips: Foca#6577. I'm aiming to become a Sherpa and help others.
If this guide have good reviews, i'll make more :)
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About next FLEA changes and RMT (yes, one more post, but you will like it. Or not)

Okay guys.
(trailer: First of all i wanna apologize for my english, hehe. Its not my main language and i will do a lot of different mistakes in words or sentences.)
This is a new(one more roflmao) thread about FLEA changes in next wipe.
To keep you in this discussion i will open my cards first: i am RMT seller.

Yes guys, im a man, who selling items, stuff and currency to other players in EFT.
You can blame me, shit on me here, do whatever you want, but the fact - i don't care about your opinion here. Deal with it, we are exist.

Also i wanna warn - im not a speedhackewallhackeaimhackebotter etc. If we will exclude my RMT side - you will see the same regular player as all of you. Mb he spent less time in IRL (because i was need to farm 12/7), but he is a still regular player. Running in raids, shoot other ppl, win fights, die in fights, loot stuff, sell stuff on flea market and etc.

And i came here not to advertise RMT (that's important thing - i don't recommend to buy currency in game, when you getting in it first time). But who cares about my opinion. Customer wanna get stuff - i selling stuff.

I came here, because saw a lot of ppl in different threads, who think, that new system in flea market (you can't sell stuff from PVP result, and can't sell stuff if you "run trough") will someway affect RMT and did it harder. And because they think, that "run trough" changes will affect hatchlings(here i calls pistol mans too) runners.
No guys. You all wrong. That will affect all regular players, and affect hard as fuck. But not the RMT. And not the hatchlers.

To explain my position we need to come in EFT history and look for some points:

  1. Before Flea market there was not much sellers, also not much customers (compare to nowadays ofc).
But the fact is - sellers trade money/items trough raid. Im sure a lot of you saw clips about killing 2 ppl on the factory with money/item cases in bags near extract point or on spawn. Ye, that is was the way to transfer without flea. I dunno what's cost of stuff was, but it doesn't matter much, because price changes from wipe to end-game, as from high to low. Not need to be Einstein to understand that. Also there was some naked guys who run in to 310 (as example) room for bitcoins or lions. Not much, but they was.

  1. After flea market appears - RMT grow a bit and becomes easier, sellers able to trade trough market (i won't explain how and with what ways, you understand why xD ), so it makes a bit easier to do deals. But money transfer trough raid still exists, because you save currency from flea's FEE. You pack roubles in to doc-cases and drop to customer, im sure a lot of you did it with your friends and it looks normal. Price of RMT floated as usual - from high to low, from wipe to end-game times. Still regular situation. Also amount of naked-hatchlers grow as fck. (remember a days, when LEDX was added to shoreline? or a days, when reserve was released and streamers explored a best-loot-routes for naked guys?)

  1. BSG limited money, that PMC can carry in inventory ( you can't take more than 200k roubles in any PMC's slot). So sellers lost their way to drag-n-drop currency to customers in raid. And do you know what happens with prices? They FUCKING GROW UP x2-x3 times. Yes yes, you read it right. For example from 1$ usd / 1 million it becomes 2.5-3$ usd / 1 million (its not current prices, just as example for low-brain ppl).
And RMT becomes VERY-VERY-VERY effective, because you still spending SAME time to get in-game currency, but customer pays WAY MORE(much?) for it. Yeah guys, when Nikita think "hey, we will stop them from trading money in raids, RMT will die", situation becomes for us, sellers, MUCH better. He just increased price of items and currency during mid-wipe time. But regular players now have a problems during folding currency stacks trough PMC's inventory, lol. More mouse movements in stash. Anyway thank you, Nikita.
Also new weight-system changes amount of hatchlers, it's grow again btw.

And here we go in-to the main thing, that i wanna talk about:
  1. If BSG will keep that changes on flea market, when you can't trade stuff for currency without FIR mark - it will increase price of currency and items much higher, than was whenever(i mean in IRL ofc) And customers will still buy it. And sellers will still have ways to transfer items trough raid (remember "1" point what i talked about?). Yes, we won't able to deliver currency in any way (im sure we will, its not hard to find a hole in the system), but we will able to transfer armors, guns, cases, ammo and other stuff. Its not a big deal - to run trough night raid on non-popular server with items in case, using night-glasses and flireaper. So. RMT will still exists. We will just come back in the days, before flea. Not a big deal, actually.

  1. The price of all items will fcking grow (i mean in-game price). Yeah guys. For example: you won't be able to buy 995 ammo for 1.8k roubles (that's the price now?). They will cost x2 higher. Because the amount of bullets(and other stuff too) on flea will dropped down dramatically. Because when sm1 will kill me in raid with my stuff (i prefer to use HK loaded 995) - he won't able to sell my 995 on flea. As bought ammo from traders too.
He will able to sell bullets from crafting table, but all components, that needs to craft 995 (green powder and FM OFZ shell) will grow in price too -> price of ammo grow.
Or price of the killa's armor. Or slick. Whatever - price of every loadout item will grow. Also low lvl players won't able to buy any good helmet from flea market (you can't craft airframe/exfil, roflmao).

And here is result of these changes:
  1. People who can do good pvp fights and spend a lot of time in game - still will be with money, and use best gear (do you remember, that lvl 5 and lvl 6 armor can be looted still from raiders/bosses?)
When the rest, and biggest part of players - will just suck a big carrot. To beat a geared man you need ammo. To buy ammo you need currency and trader's level. To get currency you need to sell stuff. To grab stuff you need to do successful raid without any PVP fights. Looks hilarious, when you can spawn on map and die in 10 seconds, because spawn points are shit. And points of interest on maps are always same (kiba's store/marked rooms/rooms with PC/rooms on shoreline and etc etc etc), that results to same pvp-fight places.

  1. Hatchling guys will still exists. Do you know why? Because THEY DON'T NEED TO SURVIVE IN RAID. Just look: "you can't sell item on flea market without FIR mark. Player will lose FIR mark if he will do "run trough".
Okay bro. But "run trough" is not the same thing, as "die in fight". And naked-hatchlers not need to SURVIVE and finish the raid. ROFLMAO. They need only: loot item in pouch, die from scav/drop from roof/die from barb wire and etc etc etc. Hilarious, don't you think? They still can grab gpu/ledx/red-card and die from scav, to sell it on flea market. ROFLMAO. FOR WHAT THESE CHANGES ARE? They affect nothing. At all.
IF they will change "die without enough XP points will affect items to lose FIR mark" - it will again AFFECT REGULAR players. Just imagine - you loot an morphine/saleva/tushonka/blablabla for quest from hidden stash and was sniped by any playe or was unlucky and died from scav in the beginning of the raid.. your item lose FIR mark.. for no reason. Or you found (or spawned as SCAV with) a red-card and wanna trade it on flea market. But you understand - if you will die - you will lose that option(losing FIR mark again).
And here is a stupid situation: you need to extract, but you need more XP to be "not runner trough". So you need to loot/fight more to have an option for selling red card. Creating artificial risk for players, with no-reason. Again - looks hilarious in current state. Hardcore game, that declares "don't fight without reason" just pushing players to fight, to get XP, for successful finishing raid. ROFLMAO.

Think about it, its a "look from other side" here.
That changes does not create any "hardcore state" (a lot of ppl played without FLEA and that's still not a hardcore state, roflmao) as it should be, no problems for RMT. No troubles for naked-runners. Only new troubles for new regular players, without any logical reason.
If bsg wanna limit "end-game" loot for all players - they should rework all maps, raiders and bosses. (like AI brains, chance of spawn, size of maps, etc etc) But not limiting FLEA market selling PVP stuff. Also remove FLEA market from the game.
You can agree with my opinion, or disagree, i don't care, but price of currency will show us who right xD. Gl in da game, wish you more GPU-LEDX-REDCARDS into your pouch.
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Escape from Tarkov New Player Guide 2.0: 75 Pages and packed with all the information you could ever need for success!


Greetings, this is dumnem, also known as Theorchero, but you can call me Theo. I'm an experienced Tarkov player and I'm writing this guide to try and assist new Tarkov players learn the game, because it has one hell of a learning curve. We'll be going over a lot of different aspects of this guide, and it is going to be huge. Feel free to digest this in parts.
Additionally, this is a work in progress. I will write as much as I can in one Reddit post, but subsequent parts will be in additional comments. Google Docs Version (Note: Link is placeholder atm, but here is a sneak preview!)
Disclaimer: Tarkov recently updated to .12! That's a HUGE amount of information that I need to update. Please be patient! If there is anything I have gotten wrong or may have omitted, please let me know.
This is Primarily directed towards Tarkov Novices, but should be useful for even Tarkov Veterans. It hopefully includes everything you need to know to be able to go into a Raid equipped for success and to successfully extract with gear.
Want to play with friends? Want to have fun and learn Tarkov? Check out my discord here.


  • [Updated for .12]
  • Money making strategies completed.
  • Minor grammar adjustments, adding additional medical items.
  • Added additional resources, updated old ones.
  • Hideout section complete

Table of Contents

  • Tarkov Overview - What is Escape from Tarkov?
  • Tarkov Resources - Useful links
  • Tarkov's Maps
  • Tarkov's Health System
  • Tarkov's Hideout System
  • Tarkov's Quest System and Progression
  • Tarkov's Hotkeys to Know
  • Getting Started
  • Player Scavs
  • New Player's loadouts - LL1 Traders
  • What to Loot - How to get the most money per slot
  • Stash Management - How to combat Gear Fear
  • Tarkov Economy - How do I make money?
  • What now?

Tarkov Overview - What is Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov is a tactical, realistic, FPS with MMO elements developed by Battlestate Games. It is currently in closed Beta. The game features several maps in which your primary character, your PMC, goes into Raids in order to find and salvage loot and useful equipment to survive and thrive in Tarkov. Death is very punishing in Tarkov. If you die you lose everything you had on you when you die (with the exception of what's inside your Container and your melee weapon) including any equipment you brought with you or what you found inside the Raid.
Enemies can be players (PMCs) or Scavengers ('Scavs') that are either controlled by AI or by players. Unlike many shooters, AI enemies in Tarkov are deadly - they can and will kill you on sight. They have recently been upgraded to act more intelligently, shoot more accurately, and react to situations on the map, such as investigating noise of gunfire or searching. It features beautiful and immersive environments, intricate and in-depth weapon modification system, a complex health system, dynamic and specific loot placement, and multiple options for engagement. Do you want to play slow and stealthy, to avoid fights, or set up a deadly ambush on an unwary foe? Or do you prefer raw combat, where only your quick wit, placements of shots, and tenaciousness determines who gets out alive? It's your Tarkov. You make the rules.

Tarkov Resources - Useful links

I take no credit or responsibility for any of the content in these links. To the best of my knowledge, these are updated consistently and are accurate, but user beware.

Quick-Reference Ammo Chart

An updated ammo chart can be found on the wiki.

Tarkov Wiki

Absolutely fantastic resource. You can visit them here.
It is a massive collection of everything that we players have been able to find.
They contain trades, user-created maps, lists of ammo, parts, weapons, loot, etc. If it's in the game, it's on the Wiki, somewhere.
I highly recommend opening the wiki page for the Map that you plan on raiding in.
The Lab ('Labs')

Map Keys and You

Huge collection of all the keys in the game. These are also on the wiki, but this page has them all on one page, and tries to inform the user if the key is worth keeping or using.
Check it out here.
This section is open to revision. Mention me in a thread (or in the comments below) about a resource and I'll see about adding it here.

Tarkov's Weapon Compatibility Guide

Pretty self explanatory. Also includes a Key guide and a Mod guide.
Check it out here.

HUGE Reference Bible by Veritas

Courtesy of Veritas (Send me his reddit username?), It's located here. (Open in new tab.) Contains: Detailed information about: Ammunition, Health, Firearms, Body Armor, Helmets, Rigs & Backpacks, Labs & Quest keys. Outdated! Needs to be updated for .12

Offline Raids - Player Practice

Offline raids is a feature added for testing and learning purposes for both new and veteran players alike. It is an incredibly useful tool.
In an offline raid, your progress is not saved. This means you don't keep anything you find, keep any experience 'earned' if you successfully extract, or lose any gear when/if you die. To access OFFLINE Raids, head into a Raid normally until you see this screen. Then Check the box indicating that you want to do an OFFLINE raid and you're good to go! You even have a choice on whether or not to add AI. You can also control how many AI enemies spawn, fewer than normal or a great deal more! You can even make Scavs fight each other. (Framerates beware.)
You can control how many scavs spawn (if any) as well as a number of other paramaters. New players should use offline raids as a tool to practice shooting, controls, movement, etc.

Tarkov's Maps

Tarkov features several maps - ranging from wide, beautiful vistas to ruined factory districts, to an abandoned laboratory where illegal experiments were being conducted. It is important to learn the maps you intend to play. In order to keep your gear, you must 'extract' at one of your designated exfiltration points. Not all extracts will be active every game, and some are conditional.

To see what extracts are available to you, double tap 'O' to show raid time and your exfils. If it has a ???? it might not be open.


Gate 3 Extract
A small, fast-paced map that was primarily created for PvP. Scavs spawn in all the time. Very close quarters, shotguns and SMGs tend to dominate here. PMCs can only access one Exit (Gate 3) without the Factory Exit Key. Good place to go if you need PMC kills as action is pretty much guaranteed. It is recommended NOT to bring in a lot of gear to Factory until you are experienced.
Factory Map in PvP is best played in Duos - due to the layout of the map, a Maximum of 6 PMCs may be present in the game. Due to the split spawn points, you effectively have 'sides' that have up to 3 spawn locations that are close together. This is why it is recommended to secure/scout enemy spawn locations. If you go in with a Duo, you at max have 2 players on your side for an even 2v2, and if played smartly you can eliminate them and know your 'side' is secure from aggression for the time being.
Upon loading in, scavs usually take a couple minutes to spawn, though this depends on the server in question and isn't super reliable. For new players, the best loadout in Factory is going to be a MP-153 Loadout - using just an MBSS (or similar bag) and ammo in your pocket to fight other players and Scavs. Scavs will often spawn with AKs and other 'vendorable' weapons, so is a good source of income.
Factory is also one of the best maps to Scav into, as Scavs can typically avoid the Exit camping strategy employed by a lot of weaker or newer players in order to secure gear, because they typically have extra exfiltrations whereas PMCs without the Factory Exit Key are stuck using Gate 3.
If you go in with a modicum of gear, it is recommended to keep at least a flashbang (Zarya) in your container. This will allow you to quickly slot it into an empty chest rig or pocket so you can throw it into the exit door, this will flash enemies and is cheap to do - the one time you survive because you flashed the 3 exit campers using shotguns will make this strategy extremely valuable.


Extract map
A fairly large map that was recently expanded and is expected to receive an overhaul within a patch or two, due to the choke point design of the map. Essentially, players spawn either on 'warehouse' or 'boiler (stacks)' side. If you see a large red warehouse ('big red') near you (Customs Warehouse), then you spawned on the warehouse side. If you don't, you likely spawned near Boiler side. Players can also spawn in several places in the woods North of boilers.
This map has the most quests in the game. Geared players often come to customs to challenge other squads over Dorm loot and to fight a Scav boss. New players are usually trying to do one of several early quests, such as ‘Debut’ which tasks them with killing 5 scavs on Customs and acquiring 2 MR-133 shotguns (pump shotties) from their corpses. Construction is also a popular hotspot as it has a lot of scav spawns as well as the location for the Bronze Pocketwatch, which is Prapor’s second quest.
Customs itself does not offer very much loot on average. There are several spots which can contain decent, but the vast majority is located in a couple different locations.
Dorms is the best loot location for Customs. It has two sets, 2 story and 3 story dorms. They each have their own sections of good loot, but the best is considered to be 3 story dorms, due to the presence of the Marked Room. The marked room requires a marked key to open, and has a good chance to spawn rare loot, such as keytools, documents cases, weapons cases, and high-end weapons. Due to the nature of the high value of this room, it’s almost always contested and it’s one of the best rooms in the game to farm, albeit with difficulty to successfully extract with the loot found. Note, though the key required has a maximum amount of uses, it is a fairly cheap key, and worth buying if you like to run customs and go to Dorms.
Dorms also has a ton of early quests (Operation Aquarius, for one) with some keys being valuable to use, but most dorms keys aren’t worth that much on the market. There’s too many to list here, but make sure to check the Map Keys and You at the top of the guide to determine what the value of a particular key is.
Checkpoint (Military Checkpoint) is also a decent loot spot, though not nearly as good as Dorms. If you have the key, it has a grenade box and 2 ammo boxes which can spawn good ammo. The jacket in the blue car also can spawn good medical keys as well as medical items. It is very close to the gas station, so I’ll include that here as well.
The Gas Station is one of the possible spawn locations for the scav boss. It has loose food items, a weapon box in the side room, with two keyed rooms leading to a safe and a med bag and box. Also contains a couple registers and food spawns on the floor. The emercom key can spawn on the seat in the ambulance out front.
North of the gas station is the Antenna, which contains 3 weapon boxes, a tool box, and a med bag. Possible location for scav boss spawn, albeit rarely, and also spawns regular scavs, like checkpoint and gas station.
Beyond that, there’s scattered loot around the map in different places, but usually not enough to warrant going out of your way for. There’s also scav caches, mostly around the middle road outside construction and around the boiler area.
The scav boss for customs is 'Reshala.’ He has 5 guards that have above-average gear and can be tough to deal with solo. The guards tend to be more aggressive than normal scavs, so they can be a lot to handle but are vulnerable to fragmentation grenades or flashbangs due to their close proximity to one another. Reshala himself has a good chance to have one or more bitcoin in his pockets, as well as his unique Golden TT, which is required for a Jaegar quest and used in conjunction with other Golden TT's to purchase a Tactec, good plate carrier. Reshala may spawn either Dorms (either bldg), New Gas Station, or rarely the tower north of the gas station. Scav bosses are dangerous enemies with escorts that have above-average loot (sometimes great loot) and are hostile to everyone, Including player scavs. Scav guards will approach a player scav and basically tell them to leave the area, and if they walk closer towards the scav boss they turn hostile.
The ‘official’ spawn rate for Reshala is 35%.


Woods Map with Exfil
A very large map that is mostly just a large forest, with the occasional bunker, and the Lumber Mill in the center. The Lumber Mill is the primary point of interest, as it contains a couple quest locations and is the primary location to farm Scavs, as Scavs killed on woods are a good source of end-game keys that are hard to find.
Since the map is so large and open, sniper rifles with scopes usually reign king here. You will see a lot of players with Mosin rifles as they are a cheap way to train the Sniper skill (for a quest later on) and are capable of killing geared players and scavs alike.
Overall, not usually very populated. An early quest from Prapor sends you here to kill a number of Scavs. A good map to learn the game, as although the loot is not fantastic, you can get experience with how the game runs and operates while fighting AI and possibly getting lucky with a key find off a scav.
As of .12, Woods now houses a Scav boss that acts as a Sniper scav. He is incredibly dangerous and usually carries a tricked-out SVDS. The 7.62x54 caliber is not to be underestimated. That caliber can and will wreck your shit through what most players are capable of wearing, especially early on in a wipe. He may also carry an AK-105, so he's going to be dangerous at both short and long ranges.
He has two guards, and he typically patrols the area around the Sawmill, and carries a key to a cache nearby full of goodies. His key is part of a quest for Jaegar.
Woods also has two bunkers, one of them being an extract and requiring a key. Both bunkers have some moderate loot in them, thus worth visiting, though not necessarily worth going out of your way for them. Several quests occur around the sawmill area, which contains a good couple keys that can spawn.


Shoreline Map, with Loot, Exfil, etc
A very large map, notorious for its FPS hit. Generally speaking, one of the better maps for loot. The primary point of interest is the Resort, but scavs spawn there, and is primarily occupied by hatchlings (players only with hatchet, ie melee weapon) and geared players. Resort has great loot, but requires keys to access most of it.
A great map to learn though from new players as the outskirts still contains plenty of loot and combat opportunities with AI scavs. You can hit Villa, Scav Island, Weather station, Docks, etc and come out with a backpack full of valuable gear fairly easily. The Village (Not to be confused with villa) contains a lot of toolboxes which can contain lots of parts used to upgrade your Hideout.
Location of many quests, including a large quest chain where players are required to kill many, many, scavs on Shoreline. For this and other reasons, probably the best map for new players to learn the game with.
A good loot route is to hit the village (caches in it), scav island (2 med bags, 2 toolboxes, 2 weapon boxes, 1 cache), burning gas station (weapon boxes and a safe), pier (potential extract, 2 pcs 2 safes and lots of filing cabinets), and weather station. Scavs may spawn around these areas, but most players just head straight for resort anyway, so you are much less likely to encounter them, especially if you avoid Mylta power (most players hit it on the way to or leaving from the resort). Excellent route as a player scav as well.


Detailed map
Great, great loot area, but very complex map. Old computers might face unique struggles with this map. Features a mostly-binary exfil system like Shoreline, but.. kinda worse. Exfil camping is fairly common on this map, but usually avoidable. Huge map with multiple floors and many many different stores. Communication with teammates is a challenge on this map, but the map is also fantastically detailed.
This map features a lot of loot that depends on the kind of store you're in. It's a great place to farm rare barter materials which are valuable to sell on the Flea market or to use for quests or for hideout upgrades. An early quest (from Ragman) sends you here to kill a large amount of Scavs. I'd recommend getting Ragman to level 2 and accepting his quest asap when going to Interchange, as getting this quest done can take a while as it is and you want all scav kills to count towards progress.
Both the tech stores (Techlight, Techxo, Rasmussen) and department stores (Groshan, Idea, OLI) are the primary places to hit. There’s also Kiba (weapons store) as well as Emercom and Mantis. Players have different strategies, but this map is unique in the sense that it really rewards exploring. Most stores will have things you can grab that are worth quite a bit but are often overlooked. Very popular place to go in as a Player Scav.


Brand new map, chock full of loot. Has more complex extracts than other maps, save for Labs. Excellent place to farm rare barter items, computer parts, and especially military hardware. PMCs have limited extracts, most being conditional, and the ones that aren’t require activation of ‘power’ to turn on the extract, which alerts the map the extract has been opened and can spawn Raiders (more on them below.)
Additionally, has a scav boss by the name of Glukhar, who has multiple heavily armed guards. He has multiple spawn locations and can arrive with the train.

The Lab ('Labs')

Here's a map.
DISCLAIMER: Labs, like much of Tarkov, is under constant development, so issues may be fixed or created without warning. Always check patch notes!
Labs is a very complex map compared to the rest of Tarkov. There is a great deal more exfiltrations but many of them have requirements or a sequence of events needed to be able to extract from them. It is recommended to read the Tarkov Wiki on Labs before raiding there.


Labs is a lucrative end-game raid location, comparable to 'dungeons' in other games. They are populated by tougher enemies that give greater rewards. In order to go to labs, you need to acquire a keycard, this functions like mechanical keys but instead of opening a door, they unlock your ability to select Labs for a raid.
They may be found in-raid in various locations, most notably in scavs backpacks, pockets, and in filing cabinets. They may be purchased from Therapist at LL4 for 189K Roubles. Labs are populated by a unique kind of AI enemy, Raiders.


Raiders are the Labs form of Scavs, or AI enemies. However, unlike other maps, they cannot contain player Scavs. Raiders have a much tougher than your average scav, they are capable of advanced tactics (such as flanking) and throw grenades and use other consumables as a player would. Once 'locked' onto you, they are typically capable of killing you very quickly, even if you are wearing high-end armor.
In Tarkov, Raiders act like the avatars of Death. They are clad in USEC and BEAR equipment, as they are effectively AI PMCs. Many changes have been made to labs and specifically how Raider AI works and to prevent exploits to easily farm them as well as bugs where they could be deadlier than intended.
A general rule of thumb is not to fight Raiders directly. They can and WILL kill you. Raiders can spawn with 7N9, or 'big boy' ammo. This ammunition type is incredibly lethal to players, even those wearing the toughest armor. If you get shot in the head, doesn't matter what kind of helmet, face shield, killa helmet, etc you are wearing, you will almost certainly die.
Because Raiders are controlled by AI, they have zero ping. They may also end to immediately respond as if you were aggressive even if they did not originally know you were there - ESP Raiders effectively will prone and return fire even as you ADS and put them in your sights.
This is why engaging a Raider must be done very, very carefully. There are a few strategies that you may employ, most commonly some form of baiting them towards an area and then killing them when they arrive. Players may accomplish this by generating noise - gunfire, melee weapon hitting walls, crates, etc, player deaths, players Mumbling (F1 by default) can all attract Raiders to investigate your area.
Due to the high power of Raiders, players often go in with minimal loadouts and seek to avoid conflict with other players, especially geared ones. Most players avoid PvP in Labs, though a good portion of the playerbase thoroughly enjoys hunting down poorly-geared players after they kill a few Raiders for them.
As such, players will lay prone in a hallway, or crouch in a room, and attract Raiders to enter their domicile by opening the door, and immediately headshotting them. Few Raiders actually wear helmets (though some do) so most players specialize in 'flesh ammo' or, ammunition that foregoes armor penetration in favor of raw damage in order to kill Raiders more reliably, because Raiders have slightly higher head health than PMCs do.
Raiders spawn with a great variety of equipment, weapons, armor, and materials such as medication or hideout parts. They tend to have chest armor and may have different helmets. Their pockets can contain Labs keycards, morphine, Ifaks, cash, and other items. They're always worth checking.
Raiders are a good source of grenades, they will often have F-1's and Zarya's in their rig or pockets that you can use to fight off players and Raiders alike.
Recently, changes have been made to Labs to make them less profitable so that other maps are more appealing. The cost and rarity of keycards increased, as well as reducing the frequency that raiders spawn, so that they come in more infrequent groups but also tighter in formation, while also lowering the overall output of individual Raiders, so that they are less likely to have a bunch of extra materials, such as grenades and other items.
Experience Farming on Labs
Labs is one of the best places to farm experience in the entire game. Killing a Raider with a headshot awards 1100 Experience. This does not include any looting, inspection (searching bodies), examine, streak, or other experience.
Killing a large sequence of Raiders gives additional bonus experience in the form of Streak rewards, usually 100 bonus exp per additional kill.
Surviving the raid multiplies all of these sources of experience by 1.5x
Changes coming to Labs
Disclaimer: I am not a BSG developer or employee. This is what I have seen on this subreddit and heard elsewhere. Some might be purely rumor, but other points are confirmed by Nikita Labs is undergoing constant changes. Nikita and BSG take feedback seriously, and always consider what the players are telling them. It known that Labs will eventually be accessed via the Streets of Tarkov map, and will require you to enter that map, make it to the labs entrance, and then extract from Labs to return to Streets of Tarkov and exfil from there as well. This will likely add an additional layer of risk to being ambushed for your goodies along your way out, as well as punishing damage taken in labs more severely. Additionally, keycards will have a limited number of uses, and may open more than one room.
The full extent of the changes coming is not known.
Remember, you can load a map in OFFLINE mode to practice against bots or to learn the map without fear of losing gear.

Tarkov's Health System

Tarkov Wiki Article
Tarkov has a very advanced health system, and while it might seem overwhelming at first, you'll get the hang of it rather quickly. It features a very wide variety of effects and injury, including hydration, energy, blood pressure, blood loss, fractures, contusion, intoxication, exhaustion, tremors and more.
Not all of the Health System is implemented yet. Expect changes!
Your character (PMC, or otherwise) has a combined Health of 435. Each of his limbs have separate health. Taking damage to a limb that reduces it to 0 'blacks' that limb. Blacked limbs are a problem. They greatly impair the activities your PMC performs, and taking damage in a blacked limb amplifies the damage by a multiplier and spreads that damage among your other non-black limbs equally. You cannot heal a blacked limb without the use of a Surgical Kit.
Notes: Bloodloss applies damage to the affected limb and can be spread like other damage to a blacked limb. Treat immediately. Also causes significant dehydration! Bloodloss also helps level your Vitality skill, which in turn gives you experience towards your Health skill, which is necessary to reach level 2 of in order to improve your hideout.
Losing a limb applies additional effects. Fractures also apply these effects but not the damage amplification (Except for damage if running on fractured leg.) Fractures require specialized medical kits to heal.
Dehydration is what happens when your Hydration level reaches 0. You can view your Hydration level in your gear page, at the bottom left. Becoming dehydrated is extremely bad. You take constant damage. Taking dehydration damage can kill you if you have a black chest or head. Restoring hydration helps train Metabolism, which improves positive effects from food and drink.
Head/Chest: Bullet damage resulting in losing your head or chest is instant death. Note: Bloodloss resulting in your Head/Chest being black does not result in death, but any damage to them beyond that point will! A back chest will causes you to cough (much like your stomach!)
Painkillers: Prevents coughing that comes from your chest. Doesn't help otherwise.
Stomach: Massively increased rate of dehydration and energy loss. You must find liquids or exit the Raid soon. Additionally, your PMC will cough sputter loudly, attracting attention. A black stomach multiplies damage taken by 1.5 and redistributes that damage across your entire health pool.
Painkillers: Significantly reduces the frequency and volume of the coughs.
Arms: Makes activities like searching, reloading, etc, take additional time, as well as adding a sway, reducing accuracy. Arms have a .7x damage multiplier.
Painkillers: Reduces sway, removes debuff Pain.
Legs: Blacked legs cause your PMC to stumble and be unable to run. Blacked legs have a 1x damage multiplier.
Painkillers: Allows you to walk at full speed and to run.
WARNING: Running while your legs are blacked or fractured WILL DAMAGE YOU.
Health Items
Tarkov features many health items - 'Aid' items, which can be used to restore your characters health and to fix ailments or injuries he receives as the result of combat or mishaps. The two most important health conditions to consider are bloodloss and fractures, which have both been covered above. Some food items may have ancillary effects, such as losing hydration.
Since in the current patch the only ailments to worry about are bleeding and fractures, it changes which health items are most necessary. We'll go over them below.

Health Restoration

Medical Items on Wiki
AI-2 medkit
The newb's medical kit. You receive several of these when you start Tarkov - they'll already be in your stash. Available from Level I Therapist, they are cheap and effective way of healing early in the game. They will not stop bloodloss. Because of this, you also need to bring bandages or a higher-grade medical kit. Affectionately called 'little cheeses' by the Tarkov community. Using it takes 2 seconds, and because of how cheap it is, it's often brought in by higher level players to supplement their healing without draining their main kit (which is capable of healing bloodloss or sometimes fractures). Due to its short use time, it's often very useful during combat as you can take cover and quickly recover damage taken to a vital limb. They're also useful as you can buy them from Therapist to heal yourself if you died in a raid.
The newb's bloodloss solution. Available from Therapist at Level I. A better version, the Army Bandage is available at Level II, after a quest. Mostly obsolete after unlocking the Car Medical kit, but some players value them due to the Car's overall low health pool. Activating takes 4 seconds, and removes bloodloss to one limb.
The newb's solution to fractures. Cheap, takes five seconds to use, and takes up 1 slot. Fractures are much more common this patch, due to them being added back in the game from standard bullet wounds, not just drops. Available from Therapist at Level I, no quest needed. Can be used to craft a Salewa.
Alu Splint
More advanced form of the normal split. Works the same, but has up to 5 uses. Recommended to carry in your container if possible, due to frequency of fractures from gunfire.
CMS (Compact Medical Surgery) Kit
New medical item added in .12, fantastic item. Allows you to perform field surgery, removing the black limb state and allowing you to heal it beyond 0 hp. Takes 16 seconds to use, and cannot be cancelled so make sure you are safe if you are using it! Will reduce the maximum health of the limb it's used on by 40-55%, but will effectively remove all negative effects incurred by having a black limb. Highly recommended to carry in your container for emergencies. Can be bartered from Jaeger LL1, and purchased for roubles LL2.
Surv12 field surgical kit
Same as the compact surgical kit, but takes 4 seconds longer, and the health penalty is reduces to 10-20% max health of the limb. Considering this kit is 1x3, taking up a huge amount of space, it's probably not worth using. It's just too large. Better this than nothing, though.
Car Medical Kit
The newb's first real medical solution. Available LL1 as a barter (2 Duct Tape) and available for Roubles after completing Therapist's second quest. Has a larger health pool than AI-2's (220, vs AI-2's 100), and removes bloodloss. Takes up a 1x2 slot, so requires to be placed in a tactical rig in order to be used effectively. Cheap and fairly efficient, takes a standard 4 seconds to use. Rendered effectively obsolete when the Salewa is unlocked.
Often kept in a player's secure container as a backup health pool, before IFAKs are unlocked.
Good medkit for use in mid and end-game. Contains 400 total health and can remove bloodloss. More rouble efficient form of a healing due to its high health pool, costs 13k roubles. Same size as the Car medical kit, so requires a tactical rig to use effectively. Because Tarkov does not currently have effects like Toxication in the game at the moment, this kit is favored by most players who go into a raid with at least a moderate level of gear. With a high health pool and relatively low cost, it's also a more efficient way of healing damage sustained while in raids. Unlocked at Therapist Level II after completing a level 10 Prapor quest, Postman Pat Part II. Required as part of Therapist's first quest, Shortage. This makes Salewas very valuable early on in a wipe as it gatekeeps the rest of Therapist's quests, most of which occur on Customs early on. Can be crafted in your meds station with a painkiller, splint, and bandage.
Fantastic medical kit, and is the one preferred by most players. Features 300 health and the ability to remove bloodloss and a host of other negative effects that are not yet implemented into the game. It does not, however, remove fractures. Taking up only a single slot, it is favored by players in all stages of gear, and it is recommend to carry one in your Secure Container in case of emergencies. Is available at Therapist Level II for a barter (Sugar + Sodium), and may be purchased for Roubles at Level III after completing Healthcare Privacy, Part I. It is a fairly expensive kit, but due to its durability, its small size, and ability to remove bloodloss, it is a very common medical item used by players of all levels. Can be crafted in Lvl 2 medstation.
The 'big daddy' medical kit, boasting an impressive total health resource of 1800. It is also a very large kit, taking up 4 slots (2x2) - in order to be able to use this quickly, it would require specialized tactical rigs that feature a 2x2 slot. It removes all negative effects (some costing HP resource), including fractures. Used by highly-geared players who intend on staying in raids for an extended period of time, or by players with additional Secure Container space available in case of emergencies. It is available for barter at Therapist Level II, and purchase at Therapist Level 4. Due to its price point from Therapist at just under 23k Roubles and its healthpool of 1800, it is by far the most efficient method of healing from raid damage, at a 1.3 roubles per health, dramatically lower than other options available. Can be crafted in Lvl 3 medstation.

Pain Management

Using any of these items results in your character being 'On Painkillers' which allows you to sprint on fractured and blacked legs, as well as reducing effects of fractures and blacked limbs, and removing the debuff Pain. Essentially, the only difference between most of these items are the speed of use, price, availability, and duration of the effect. Note that the Hideout has changed how some of these items are used, and because Tarkov is under constant development, it is very likely that these materials may be used to create higher-grade medkits or to upgrade your medstation. That being the case, it's best to hoard the unknown items for now as efficiently as possible until you know you don't need them.
Analgin Painkillers
The holy grail of pain medication. "Painkillers" have 4 total uses. The total duration is greater than Morphine and less risk of waste. Takes a short time to use, and is available from Therapist Level 1 for both barter and Roubles. Makes a loud, distinctive gulping noise. Can be used to craft Salewa kits.
Quick application of painkillers. Favored by some highly geared players as it has greater usability in combat then it's typical counterpart, Painkillers. Has a longer duration, but only one use. It is required for a fairly early Therapist (and a late Peacekeeper) Quest, so it is recommend to hoard 10 of them, then sell the rest unless you intend on using them. They are worth a good amount to Therapist and take up little space so they are a valuable loot item. Available from Therapist for Roubles at Level 4, after completing Healthcare Privacy, Part 3.
Basically a cheaper Morphine. One use, 205s. Not recommended over Painkillers due to its cost. No current barter for this item, so usually it's just a fairly expensive, small loot item. Most likely a component of a medstation manufacturing process or upgrade. Keep it.
Powerful painkiller. Lasts 500 seconds and has 12 uses. This item is recommended as your long-term solution for painkillers. While it is valuable because it's used to trade for THICC items case, it's the cheapest component and is very useful as a painkiller. It has a long duration and a large amount of uses, so keep it in your container for use as a painkiller if your primary painkillers wear off. Don't use it completely up, though. Keep the 1/12 bottles for the trade.
Powerful medical item. Cannot be purchased from dealers. Has a maximum of 10 uses. Removes Pain, applies Painkillers for 500 seconds (8.3 minutes). Useful to keep in your container as an alternative to Painkillers, though it takes 6 seconds to use, which is longer than other painkillers. Used as part of a barter trade for the Medcase.
Golden Star Balm
Fairly useful medical item. It can remove Pain and Contusion (not a big deal of a debuff, goes away on its own shortly) and provides a small bonus to hydration and energy. It also removes toxication and Radiation exposure, both of which are not yet implemented into the game. Like Vaseline, has a maximum of 10 uses. Painkiller effect lasts for 10 minutes, and takes 7 seconds to apply. Recommended to take only if you are going on large maps and you have extra room in your container. Can be used with Ibuprofen and 5x Med parts to craft 7 Propital.

Continued below in a series of comments, due to character limit.

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Is the Hideout worth to build? My experience as I just completed it.

Many other posts have been made about the hideout and whether that's worth the hassle of putting your time into building it. However, I thought that many new players are asking themselves that question and I could provide my insight as a level 36 who just finished to build the hideout.
For those who don't want to read it all, my take is : yes, it's 100% worth it. Since I finished few days ago I've made already few mils, and I have now a constant stream of revenue that lets me run better gear more comfortably.
I login twice a day, the morning and afternoon/evening. My routine goes as follows.
All in all at every login I collect around 300k, and occasionally I get more because of mag cases which take longer if you don't buy empty tanks and just use your remainders. If you have more time than I do you could get even more out of it, but I think my schedule might represent the average player.
On top of that you get plenty of benefits as a reduced scav cool down, reduced flea market fee, increased quest rewards, faster leveling of some skills and faster health regen.
There it is. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you choosing whether to grind for the hideout.
Happy looting.
EDIT: Thank you for Silver! I am happy you guys are enjoying it!
EDIT (II): Since there is some discussion about the right number of graphics cards in the Bitcoin Farm, I would like to shoutout this recent post: https://www.reddit.com/EscapefromTarkov/comments/elyd5c/bitcoin_farm_calculating_the_cost_to_recoup_each/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
Through this, you should be able to find your sweet spot given the rate you can log into the game and collect the bitcoins.
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Some hints and tips for newer players

This wipe I have progressed more than I have in past wipes, and I think a lot of it has to do with my play-style changing.
I know I am still nowhere near as stacked stash wish or stats wise than a lot of players, but thought I might share some hints and tips for new players that have been helpful for me.
I play mainly duos, sometimes trios with a couple of mates. My play style is relatively quiet (i.e. little sprinting, lots of pausing walking to listen) until I engage the enemy, then as much aggressive flanking and pushing as possible.
So you can see where I currently am this wipe my stash and play stats are here (it's zoomable). TLDR - 41% Survival rate, 120mil stash value, 5.77 KDR.
So onto the tips:
1) Optimise what you bring out of raids:
2) Run. Good. Ammo
3) Keep what you loot in raid
4) Run gear appropriate to your stash
5) Make the most of your hideout
6) Once you have engaged an enemy play aggressively
7) Sound is your friend
8) When poor, scav in
9) Complete quests
10) Don't be afraid to use gear
11) Play with others
I hope these tips help at least one person! Happy to expand on any of them if anyone has questions....
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Can we stop with half-assed band-aid fixes that hurt legit players more than they hurt the targeted abusers?

This patch is a amalgamation of band-aid fixes that will do nothing to improve the game but will hurt normal players by collateral damage. I will list out every change and why it is bad.
While leveling skills, the character will now have "exhaustion” of skill per raid, this means that skill will be leveled more slowly during the raid after every repeat. If you do not level a certain skill for a while (a few minutes), the character will recover and will be able to level this skill with normal speed again. This change is directed against skills abuse (targeted and consecutive leveling of the same skill)
Skill system in current state is deeply flawed, and leveling some skills in legit way takes hours of grind, stress resistance being the infamous example. This would be okay, if they weren't crucial for in-game progression. And it so happens that stress resistance gates a large portion of quests. Instead of making it a more realistic goal to achieve or outright removing skill requirements from quests and hideout progression, BSG doubles down on it, indicating they are "satisfied" with current skill system. And no, getting shot on purpose and bleeding is not realistic or hardcore, its just tedious and it's impossible if you don't spend days on tarkov.
Skills now have a maximum level that can not be overcome even with stimulants-60
Was it even a problem?
Secured containers can no longer be discarded during a raid Secured containers can no longer be put inside other containers, it can only be put in the slot of the secured container of the character. If you’ve had your secured container inside another container, it will return through in-game message system after the update
Now this is a interesting change. I cannot determine why was it done? Is it a try to kill the RMT of secure containers, or a thinly veiled strike at player-run market of secure containers, so that they buy more EOD editions. Balancing the player economy around the premium, 150$ edition would be silly and BSG would never do that, right? Whatever the reasons, this hurts the casual players with Standard edition, as the only viable upgrade options are locked behind end-game questlines. It is pretty much on the contrary of what Nikita said on podcast, that they want to reduce the gap between EOD and standard players.
Special optical devices, helmets and helmet mounts can no longer be placed in secured containers. If you’ve had your devices inside a secured container, it will return through in-game message system after the update
Why? Sometimes when you load into a night raid it turns out its still bright out there. What purpose is to the secure containers anymore outside of being a EOD exclusive consolation prize hamwallet or glorified medkit?
Added a limit on the amount of money that you can carry in the inventory of the character (no such limits in stash) - 150,000 rubles, 1000 dollars, 1000 euros (limits can be changed for balancing purposes)
This is another very short-sighted bandaid fix for RMT that will hurt average players. Raiders often drop 1000$, so you won't be able to pick that up if you found more. Meanwhile, RMTers will just trade with bitcoins/ledx/any other valuable item.
If your character died without an equipped firearm (any kind of), then after the raid he will recover only 1% of health, not 30%
hatchling band-aid fix, considering that a single hatchet run with a gamma container nets you a lifetime supply of PM pistols, i think they'll be still fine. Moreover, running with pistol is faster than running with a melee weapon for whatever reason, so hatchlings just got a speed boost.
If you left the raid prematurely (through disconnect), then in the main menu you will recover only 1% of health, not 30%
probably the only good change in this patch, however it still does not fix hatchling problem, as they really don't have money problem and can heal right up (even if they feel stingy with their money, they could just heal stomach and legs and go for another run), or just suicide by static scav (which were conveniently placed near high value loot spots as another band-aid hatchling fix)
If you kill yourself in a raid, then in the main menu you will recover only 1% of health, not 30%
good change, but same issues as above.
If you entered the raid in a group and you were killed by a member of your group, then in the main menu you will recover only 1% of health, not 30%
Bad change targeted at skill-trainers, traders etc. that will hurt legit squad players that just happen to friendly-fire eachother.
This patch does not fix anything, but hurts the average joe. I don't think anyone would complain if it would be completely scrapped and not added to the game. Please do not take this post as a rant, i am passionate about this game and i really don't want it to die due to bad development decisions.
EDIT : not even a minute in and this post gets downvoted. Nice.
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With FiR changes, what items sell at market price to Therapist?

Since this wipe began with found in raid requirements for many quests and the flea market, I have changed what I prioritize putting in my secure container. If the item you gamma only has high value on the flea market, it is not smart to gamma that item over something that remains useful without the FiR tag.
Hideout upgrade items, hideout crafting components, non FiR quest items are a no brainer to gamma, but I want to make a decent list for players to think about which items they can sell to Therapist for a competitive market price.
Off of the top of my head, we have:
Please add other items that are smart to sell to Therapist, and I will update this list.
from u/gay_bacon_21:
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New-ish Player's Guide++

I did a guide a month ago for new players here, this guide is a continuation on that: https://www.reddit.com/EscapefromTarkov/comments/e9smrv/new_players_guide_extended/
If this is your first week, this games amazing and worth it. In the meantime read this guide to start:
I wanted to do a follow up guide after doing ~30ish runs on each map this month to get the current meta of each and review various armors because I'm slightly bored after all the quests and max hideout is done but this game is just too addicting to stop playing. It also helps that I've had 8 friends buy the game in the last few weeks so this is easier than explaining to them one at a time. If anyone sees anything incorrect please feel free to correct me and if there's any other questions post in comments/pm me.

General Tips Continued:


TLDR: Shoreline for money, Interchange for consistency, Customs for quests, Factory/Labs for fights.I did a brief overview on money runs on various maps in my previous guide, but wanted to update those maps in light of recent changes to spawns and my experiences over the past month or so testing all the maps out. In profitability order:
Shoreline - With the new addition of 6-8 LedX spawns, shoreline has become king for money. It takes the high reward possibility of Labs and mixes it with the consistent loot value of Interchange with the only draw back being the need for keys, which I purchased for around 3-4 mil for all good loot rooms ( 15 keys in total). This is a steep investment, but it is a one time cost, and completely worth it. You can expect an LedX about 1/7 raids clearing most LedX rooms. I got 5/36 shoreline runs, clearing most rooms about 2/3rds of the time, dying or being beaten to the rooms in the other 1/3. Unlike labs, however, these are just the cherry on top of consistently amazing loot in the rooms with easy extracts to boot. The big draw back is popularity, I run into at least 2-3 PMCs at the resort, usually 4-5 with a duo or squad tossed in the mix. They're usually tier 3-4 geared (I go tier 5 but don't recommend that unless you're good with losing a mil to a lucky mosin shot) and have a bad habit of hiding in rooms and ambushing.
Interchange - For consistent mid value barter items, Interchange is your map. Nothing has changed from my original assessment, tldr version being run Oli shelves and the 3 tech stores next to it for about 500k-1 mil per extract, assuming you bring a decent bag and rig. This map has dropped in popularity with the Shoreline buff, but be on the look out for tier 5 geared PMCs doing their 100 Killa kills grind and the ever present extract campers.
Reserve - This map still has great high value drops, less frequent than Interchange but with higher average value and requiring less keys than Shoreline. The massive drawback here is extract difficulty. If you can afford it, para-cord with the ice-pick for the repel extract is recommended as you just have to ditch/bag chest armor and you're out. Losing a bag for the manhole has required many a painful pick and chose for me recently and the door just isn't consistent, sometimes the button will be pressed but its still locked, other times its just open. Its a fun PvP map, but for money its just not beating the two above.
Customs - This map just really isn't for money, its for quests. But with the addition of the new stashes spread throughout the map you can make decent money whilst running the quests. See my past guide/the link below for stash runs.
Factory - Wait, Factory over Labs? Customs over Labs? Yes, I'm getting to that. So why Factory? Because quick, hit and run style or longer scav pileup at a choke-point style runs can net you tons of experience along with a big stack of weapons and decent loot from scav pockets. Solos try the upper hallway office/breakable door, the bottom pipeline hallway curve, or extract choke-point. Duos and squads can hold down the shower doors with ease.
Labs - People who have read my previous guide might be surprise this is last. The issue with labs is its completely dependent on high level item spawn rates. Labs is my favorite map, I could write a lengthy separate post about everything labs. At the beginning of the wipe, labs was ludicrously OP. You could spawn in and expect a 1/3 chance of an LedX (2.5 mil at the time) along with 2-3 other 400k+ items spawning in each raid. This resulted in 10's of millions in profit. Then they released Shoreline LedX spawns and turned off labs LedX. The barrel spawn was completely dead (50+ runs and nothing) and the two other (at the time) known locations had maybe a 1/25 rate. You could expect maybe 1-2 other drops per raid and it was now crowded with PMCs. It was difficult to turn a profit doing geared runs, and I lost millions. Today its slightly better, there are 3 new LedX spawns and the barrel spawn has a 1/7-10 (still testing) rate but everything has plummeted in price (VPX is less than 200k now) and you can expect 3-6 tier 5 geared PMCs plus raiders to be skulking around. Great for fights, terrible for money. Though extracting will often bring huge rewards in gear alone in current state.
... - Feel like I'm forgetting one... Hmm... Nah they wouldn't put a thermal ridden snipe happy map in the game with no loot spawns and lots of annoying quests. (Don't @ me Woods fans)


TLDR: Highest level armor not worth, high level ammo makes everything vulnerable. Not doing the same tiers (see previous guide) but the actual armor level itself. For actual setups with armoweapons see my previous guide.

Does this mean you should never run good armor? No. What it means is you should be aware you are likely losing value/money by doing so at higher tiers. Better armor will help you survive more raids, help with quests, and is a sign of being a more established player. But you are trading a LOT more money for smaller advantages in return, making it hard to recommend the more expensive armors in the game to anyone who can't handle multiple instant deaths in a row losing 500k-1mil.

Links to helpful stuff and vids

Ammo Spreadsheet (focus on armor pen power above all): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_l-gYeSt2MqIw62EdMZt_wefG0yO9L7dTaRM74c2J1w/htmlview?sle=true
Best in Slot guide to weapon modding (Shout out to Virion this guide is amazing work) : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yHyVEVB5oN0qL_pR1qTNP1_ICmzJ3SCFJQNb6XDM_DQ/htmlview?usp=sharing&sle=true
Every map key guide (I used as a guide for Shoreline keys mostly): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzGsoK-dkkY&t=931s&ab_channel=Pestily
Shoreline LedX spawns (Note: he and Pestily have some different spawns, I check both): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndVWwscyJW4&t=112s&ab_channel=Piranha
Interchange Loot guide (I only focus on the 3 tech stores near Oli and Oli itself): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7GJnZLfczY&ab_channel=VoX_E
Customs Stash Run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7b7zVwN6wA&ab_channel=Pestily
How I learned Labs this patch:
See key guide lab section above.
The main spawns in the first part of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxUWWOj9R0U&t=758s
I used to combine a bunch of different videos but this guy does a solid job of getting all of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTMKJvdDbxI&t=319s&ab_channel=AlekkerTv
Learn all the extracts before running the labs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyWCznHKugM

This guide was brought to you by: Tarkov 2020 Wait Times! Averaging 20 minutes or more per raid giving me plenty of down time to type it up! I joke but I really do hope they fix this soon, and to new players this is a very uncommon issue. BSG has never let us down before.
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New players! Welcome! Here are some tips to make your early game less frustrating.

Tarkov can be a fickle mistress. Here are some things that can help you out early. Here are some generic tips...
Movement tips...
Combat tips...
Helpful early looting...
That being said keep an eye out for these items. Stuff them in your butt as a PMC if you have to. Pick this stuff up over anything else.
Selling to traders...
If you can run with a buddy PLEASE do that. It makes quests like Delivery from the Past 10x easier.
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We need a couple of small changes to barters to make them more worthwhile.

There are so many trades that frankly need an overhaul. I've went through all the trades I currently have unlocked (level 26) and saw that there are many barters that people just won't trade for, while other barters are traded in large quantities (the AKM for Tushonka is a new one that people seem to love).
I propose that those useless barters could be slightly adjusted so it will incentivize people trade for them more. I think it will help low-level players and new-players have a much easier experience when they first start. I don't think changing any of these barters will break the economy but instead will find use for the least used items and will push people to raid more.
Skier & Peacekeeper's barters are actually quite fair.
edit: changed some wording in the introduction.
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Adventures of WILD magic Mage

>Be me, Wild magic mage. Tried making an auto-play build where i have a 90% chance for my magic to go wild and i randomly cast either a spell or a ritual (D10 roll. If it lands on anything that isn't 10 i "Fail" if it lands on 10 i CRIT-FAIL MOTHER HUMPERS! i cast a 8 or higher level spell) I'm also blissfully ignorant to my magic-dysfunction. (Everything about me is compressed to write only the most interesting things. there was maybe 6 spells in between every spell i cast)
>DM stoked and made a "spinning wheel of luck" i spun every time my magic went wild.
>Half-orc Barbarian and accidental victim of strange spells. Has a movement speed of 100ft.
>Human mage and epic facepalmer whenever stuff i do go wrong. So basically my entire life.
>Invisible half-god and cleaner of my messes. Only intervenes if my spells turn REALLY bad. Or turn me in to a God... AGAIN. Only ever interacts if stuff i do get too stupid for the material world. I can see him, nobody else can. Appears in exactly one line of text in this story.

>First quest is to kill some ogres in a forest.
>As darkness falls upon the wooded forest we're in we decide to set up camp.
>I get campfire duty.
>Gather sticks, kindling, chop wood.
>I think our tinderbox is pretty boring so i try to use a VERY low powered fireball to light the fire.
>Party looks at me as i cast my spell. Wizard already facepalming at what's about to happen.
>Magic goes as wild as Walmart shoppers during Black Friday.
>A poisonous cloud fills the camp.
>Poisons everyone in the camp, Including the half-god that rolled a nat 1.
>10 minutes pass as the poison clears
>Get my ass beat by the Barbarian who failed 4 CON saves even though his CON stat is sky-high.
>Wizard is on campfire duty from now on.

>As punishment i get set on first-watch duty.
>I get a plan. I try to cast an unseen servant to stand guard for me.
>Suddenly a projected image of myself appears
>I look at myself "Huh, even better than i planned! Hey, me. Stand guard, if something unknown appears alert us"
>I go to sleep.
>Wizard who has 2nd watch wakes up.
>Goes outside to see me sitting on a stump by the campfire
>"Nice to see you haven't caused trouble"
>Projected image of myself turns around and says "Like i ever do! Good Night"
>As wizard is moving to trade places with the projected image it passes right through him.
>"WOAH THE F****" could be heard by the wizard. loud enough to wake up our Barbarian who comes bursting out of the tent.
>My projected image enters my own tent, passing right through the cloth entrance.
>Wizard and Barbarian both storm my tent, ripping the entrance open.
>See me spooning myself. sleeping blissfully.
>Wizard forces me to do 2nd watch with him.

>Noon breaks as we hear monstrous shouting deeper in the forest.
>Barbarian takes of in a dash speeding 200ft in 6 seconds. (Dashing consumes all actions but double movement speed)
>Wizard manages to throw a rope around him and me as we speed off in to the distance.
>Smash in to one of the ogres at full speed
>I get KO'd

>Wizard and Barbarian both tenderize the ogres as i spend most of my time hiding after the Wizard revived me.
>My projected image catches up with me. "Hey, me. What's goi'n on?"
>"Just hiding. Try to stay down, if i die both of us die"
>I look at myself
>"But i'm the original"
>Get in to an argument with myself about who is the original.
>after looting, the Wizard shows up to us arguing.
>I'm arguing with myself just as the wizard punches my projected image.
>Hand passes through. No resistance.
>Image realizes that he isn't the original, and that he will die as soon as the spell duration reaches it's end.
>Starts screaming, having a total mental breakdown. Begging us to find a way to keep him alive.
>Wizard dispels him
>"Your spells sure are annoying"

>Barbarian found an item that can temporarily double his speed once a day.
>Laughs in 300ft dash movement speed. (Previous boots gave him extra movement speed)
>Wizard found a shit-ton of gold.
>We need to return to the mayor of the village who gave us the quest.
>Realize our barbarian can carry us and run at 50 feet/s
>After a few quick CON stat checks to check if the Barbarian goes unconscious before reaching our location later.
>Mayor of the village is astounded that we managed to kill the ogres in such a short time.
>Gives us a house in the village and buys us a round of mead from the local tavern.

>We enter our house to relax and for the Wizard to use his magical magic to find us a quest.
>I'm eating grapes on a chair in front of the fireplace
>A grape falls and rolls under another chair
>Chair has those annoying gap-covers that make it impossible to find stuff that has fallen under them.
>Cast Unseen servant to retrieve my grape so i can eat it in peace.
>Barbarian watches this happen and goes wide-eyed
>I shoot off a firebolt in to the chair next to me
>It catches fire.
>I try to extinguish the fire with a gust of wind. as the Barbarian moves in to extinguish the fire.
>Nothing happens
>Barbarian finishes smashing out the fire.
>picks me up to kick me across the room
>I grab his hand to stop him throwing me.
>Barbarian's pupils expand.
>Releases me as he sits down an stares in to the void. never blinking
>He sees everything that will happen in the next 8 hours.
>He sees the Wizard die, some unholy god possessing him as an avatar of evil.
>Just as the Barbarian returns to being normal the Wizard enters
>"I just talked to a somewhat sketchy guy but i believe there are many things in it for us!"
>Barbarian explains what he has seen.
>Wizard believes him and we never do that quest.

>A long-ass time passes (I could not make the sessions due to work)
>We have a quest with the king to deliver an important item to another person that will give us an item the king needs.
>I hold the satchel and try to cast "teleport" to get it over with quick.
>Throne room wall gets a perfectly rectangular hole leading to the kitchen.
>Cooks get ROYALLY confused (har har har)

>King squints and says
>You need some practice my friend! Try again, after all practice makes perfect!
>Try to teleport again
>A piece of parchment appears
>King's mage tells me i can write anything on it and it will only be visible readable by anyone i choose.
>Write "Wizard is a dick"
>Show Barbarian
>Barbarian can't read.
>Make a picture of the wizard and a dick
>Takes the Barbarian a few minutes before he understands
>Laughs his ass off
>Wizard is angry at us for not showing him what's so funny.

>On the way to the King's friend we get attacked by huge pack wolves
>Barbarian manages to smash the alpha in to a fine pulp with a CRIT to the face.
>Wizard freezes multiple of them in place with a well placed ice-spell
>I try to cast a fireball to join in on the fun
>Wolves turn in to a tepee hut made of wolf-hide, wolf bones and wolf hair for string to keep it together.
>Team mates look at me in disbelief
>"Why cant your magic just be... normal?"
>I'm laughing my ass off.

>After speaking to king's friend and getting a strangely heavy sack of something we agree to teleport back.
>I want to try to teleport before Wizard does it for us
>Wizard agrees
>Barbarian prepares himself.
>Sparks of electric energy surge around my fingertips as a lightning bolt shoots out of my hand perfectly searing a nearby squirrel.
>Barbarian's mouth is watering.

>Wizard teleports us in to king's throne room
>King is getting served by a large number of exotic dancers
>Shouts at us to get away while covering himself
>I want in on this and i try to turn invisible
>I get covered in magic armor as we walk out of the throne room.
>Guards uneasy since i just summoned armor
>Wizard clarifies "This gal has some serious magic-problems, don't worry about it"
>I demonstrate that my magic is perfectly fine by making fireworks in the air above me
>Some sparkles happen as all the guards agree with me that my magic is indeed normal and that there is no problem with me using magical armor in the throne room.
>Huh, that worked well.

>After drinking us dumb at a tavern there is a karaoke competition.
>I get memories of my idol Sips the wild magic monkey.
>Do a half-decent job at singing and decide to end on doing some sparkles just like i did in front of the guards like my idol did in a story I've heard.
>Forgot what happened with Sips after that.
>Magic goes wild.
>A decorative skull starts singing along with me
>Totally smash the competition with my now permanent follower, The talking skull. (Begged DM to keep him)

>Wizard so amazed he buys a custom-made bag to hold the skull
>The bag of skulling.
>He also buys a bag of holding and a bag of colding.
>This way we can loot more and eat better food!
>Used up all our money in the process.
>We sleep away the night.
>I can't remember anything that happened the previous night.
>See a talking skull in a stylish bag next to me
>"HEY! Woman, i never got ya name! I usually ask women their names before sleeping with them!"
>Tell skull my name is "REDACTED"
>"WOAH, honey, that's a mouthful. How about i call you Cutey-pie?"
>Skull is a smooth talker. "Sure" i tell him.

>Enter king's throne room
>King excuses himself for the day before.
>Gives us a bonus on the quest to keep us quiet about it.
>Skull starts talking
>"Hey cutey-pie! something close here smells fucky"
>Wizard seems interested by this
>Secretly cast "Detect Magic" as king is distracted by the talking skull.
>King's clothing is magical. No surprises there
>Golden throne is magical
>Wizard whispers to me
>"Cause a distraction, nothing too big please"
>Everyone in the room starts dancing
>Wizard shouting at me while dancing
>King having a great time
>Guards dancing disco.
>Servants see the king dance and join in
>Entire staff, all guards and all people in the castle start dancing with the king
>Form a conga line.
>Spell wears off but people are still dancing. including king since they are having great fun.
>Wizard sneaks off.
>Checks the throne.
>Throne is cursed, causes a slow corruption of whomever sits on it.
>Wizard destroy the curse, golden throne turns in to stone.
>Wizard join the conga line again and parties on.

>King realizes the enchantment of his throne is gone
>Dang it! Call the royal Wizard! the throne stopped being shiny again!
>Wizard watches as the royal Wizard comes down.
>Sees him curse the throne again.
>Skull whispers to me "Oi, cutey-pie, see that? that dude is sketchy AF!"
>I try to dispel it.
>Wizard who has a plan tries to stop me
>Too late!
>Nothing happens
>I hear a booming voice, from everywhere at once.
>wait wut?
>I openly just say "If you could make that wizard stop being a dick, that would be nice"
>Royal wizard turns around to me
>"Did you say something you vile child?"
>Royal wizard's head explodes
>Everyone looks at me. I just commanded an unknown being to assassinate a royal wizard.
>Everyone is terrified.
>King shouts at guards to carefully arrest me.
>I need to get away
>Try to teleport away.
>A booming voice once again calls out
>Not another bitcoin assassin.meme
>"I wish that we weren't here"
>I appear in a small ice-covered village along with my friends.
>Realize that my magic may be a tiny bit unstable.

(For anyone wondering. This is the same character only re-worked since becoming a God, while fun became a bit too... God-like)
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